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 The U.J.A.C. Rules and Codes of Conduct

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PostSubject: The U.J.A.C. Rules and Codes of Conduct   Wed Aug 08, 2007 3:25 pm

The U.J.A.C. Rules and Codes of Conduct


1.You must be 15 or older to join.

2. People who are under 15 and/or are members who cannot attend meetings are allowed a WEB Member status.

3. If a current member wishes to bring someone to the meeting as a guest they must be 15 or older AND you must abide by & inform the person of the House Rules before bringing said person.

4. All house rules are to be followed strictly, any lax-ing of these rules is up to the meeting place provider (Jeff).

Codes of Conduct

1. Act reasonably. We are all somewhat mature people here. Do not offend members intentionally, and if you do so unintentionally please apologize. The offended member should post a comment stating theyíve been offended; or, if the member is not on the forum, the subject should be brought up during the beginning of a meeting. If you continue to be rude towards other members, a vote will be taken at the beginning of the next meeting by attending members as to your reprimand.

2. A little comment while people are watching anime is only okay if the comment is made in a low voice. If you say something loud enough for everyone it should be short and to the point. If all the talking gets out of hand, it's all up to the provider of the meeting place. If he/she decides to contribute to the noise level, and it is disruptive to viewing, then someone else should take it upon himself or herself to bring the noise level down. Or ask for at least a pause of the anime so nothing will be missed. If the location provider says to stop talking in a disruptive manner, you will do so. If you do not stop when told to do so, you will be reprimanded.

3. When picking a seat at the meeting, if you choose a spot that another member regularly sits in, then you must show some courtesy and let them have their spot. The longer you were with the club, the more seating rights you have. That does not mean you can pick any random seat and claim it as your own. This means if you have sat at one spot through all the meetings you've attended, then and only then does that seat become your spot. If a person with seniority gets up for a drink, bathroom break, smoke, etc., you will not steal their seat. The provider of the meeting place has seniority over all seat choices.

Notes on the Rules:
We have gotten a bit crowded even with not everyone showing up and, although I hate to do it, I have decided to instate these restrictions on membership. Due to things like AMV Hell 0, Elfin Lied, the sometimes over use of fan service, I really donít believe much in censorship based on age. But if a youngster tells mommy and daddy that they saw lots of panty shots, gory decapitations, or sexual substance (humor or otherwise) we could all get in deep you-know-what. I think 15 is a fair cap to put on age. True we have had younger members, but they are no longer in the club, and it has definitely evolved into a more matured gathering. And no, Iím not talking about my mouth! That is adult oriented but immature. All joking aside, we might not watch these sort of programming all the time. However, it has become more frequent, and none of us need to get in trouble due to other peopleís opinion of what is suitable for younger people.

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The U.J.A.C. Rules and Codes of Conduct
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