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 January 3rd, Newsletter 98

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PostSubject: January 3rd, Newsletter 98   Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:53 am

And the first of newsletters for 2008!
(Note- may not be in exact order)

Ranma 1/2
Samurai 7
Slayers VA commentary
Slayers NEXT
Ah! My Goddess Season 2

Ranma 1/2 (2&3)- To put it simply, we meet our samurai boy, Kuno, who hates male Ranma, but ends up completely in love with female Ranma. You gotta just love this series, right?

Bleach (145)- Ichigo, Ishida and Chad meet up with three strange Arrancar, and after 'playing' around with them, they start heading towards the base again, but are stopped by the Guardian of the sand Arrancar. Since Ichigo can't do much, enter Rukia and Renji! After taking out the sand Arrancar and giving Ichigo a (hard) knock on the head, they heas toward's Aizen's base, but before they get too much further,. the sand Arrancar comes back and sucks them down into a sand pit.

Samurai 7 (19)- The merchant's kid, Ukio, comes in, and the current Emperor gives him the test to see if he's worthy of becoming the next Emperor. The test lasts all of three days, with Ukio answering ever last question correctly. However, as he awnswers, he inspects the tack of the Emperor, and you know he's plotting something. Finally, when the three days are up and the test over, Ukio is determined as the new Emperor, but also goes and pulls the plug, literally, on the old Emperor.

Slayers VA commentary- We get the opinions of a few VA's on the new Slayers Season.

Slayers NEXT (1)- Lina and Gourry are in a town, looking around for some sort of spellbook. Meanwhile, Amelia is also in town, on a royal envoy to stop way. However, her adversaries, Martina and her father, end up declaring war on her and sairaag, and have Zelgadis step in on the picture to give them some help. However, when Lina and crew arrive, a battle ensues, with Martina's Golem going down, and the castle being destroyed. Zelgadis also learns that the book he's after is a fake, and thus turns on Martina and the King, and ends up re-joining Lina and co.

Ah! My Goddess Season 2 (2)- Belldandy takes days off to work on her present for Keiichi, a hand-knit sweater. meanwhile, Sayako isn't feeling very happy, mostly because she hasn't been able to get keiichi. Thus, she starts trying to hit on Keiichi, and the sweater that belldandy made ends up vanishing, so as she goes on a search for it, Keiichi takes sayoko on a date. By the end, we still have a dejected Sayoko, but the sweater gets to keiichi, and when Belldandy returns home, she finds Keiichi wearing it with a smile.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (16)- After a kid runs away from home due to not being able to confess his feeligns to a girl, Maia is sent on the job to retrieve him. Although she encounters interference and much difficulty, she finally gets the kid returned to her. However, when they're about to leave, a hostage situation occurs.

Jeff da host
Dave bleach maker
Evan pinky
Tom fanboy
Andy still hard to believe
Nick scratch
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January 3rd, Newsletter 98
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