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 January 24th, Newsletter 101

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PostSubject: January 24th, Newsletter 101   Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:00 am

And once again, I am slave to procrastination

??? (I assume Bleach, and apparently World's Greatest Magic Trick)
Ghost Talker's Daydream
Slayers NEXT
Ranma 1/2
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ah! My Goddess S2
Samurai 7

???- Missed due to class, and lack of being filled in otherwise

Ghost Talker's Daydream- Missed just about all due class

Slayers NEXT (4)- With the question of who summoned the magic beasts still in mind, Lina and crew decide to go and interrogate the two politicians (as well as try to get paid). We thus learn that there's another power higher than those two, one meddling with immortality. They head to said sorcerer's mansion, and quickly encounter him there (along with the other two, partially petrified). We learn that even he isn't all that powerful enough to summon the beasts, which is when some sort of monster person shows up, and the whole Pledge Stone deal comes into play, as well as Gourry finding out the guy really is immortal. After that, a battle commences, as the sorcerer wants all their life energies, and the crew gets split up. With Lina explaining (with no results) to Gourry about the Pledge Stone, Xelloss ends up showing up to tell Lina to go find the Stone.

Ranma 1/2 (6)- With it being known that Akane has a crush on the Doctor who is in turn in love with Kasumi, Ranma ends up hanging around with her, trying to turn her back into her tomboy self as she shows that in this matter, she's quite feminine. This leads to the usual hijinks between the two, and eventually, ranma even says that Akane's pretty.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (18)- Shizuka meets up with a man in an alley, and after it's noticed that she doesn't appear at work for a while, Maia is sent to investigate. After misinterpreting a very interesting scene, she learns that Shizuka has been taking care of this man, who's apparently wanted for getting tangled up in something. Later on, we learn the guy's really just a scam artist, and even when he tells Shizuka his real name, the detective person reveals even that's a false name, and thus we have one very angry Shizuka storming off, wanting to only remember the false identity she found in the alley.

Ah! My Goddess S2: (5)- Keiichi and Belldandy are up to their usual world of happiness, and soon find themselves into another of the Auto Club's fundraisers. However, as is also usual, the auto club makes nothing. However, when the blond guy (Utake, I think) ends up fixing a motorbike for a girl who was being harassed by the playboy, we have ourselves the beginning of another couple, starting with the old boxed lunch routine, and going from there. The two go on a date of the amusement park, and eespite the playboy trying to interfere, all turns out well. It also turns out that the two are more or less into cosplay. As the two become closer, our playboy person comes up with an idea to break them appart. When Utake arrives at her house via invitation, the playboy and sayaoko also show up, and through some talking, all head into the house. Soon, a cooking fire happens, and when the playboy has water thrown onto the fire, it makes things worse, as Utake protects the girl. After that, although earlier we learned the girl's father was president of some corporation, ti also turns out he was a legendary member of the Auto club, and thus the father takes a strong liking to Utake. Things then get crazy when even the father is into cosplay a bit, as the girl apologizes for her father's behavior even at school, and well, we have another romantic comedy couple.

Saumrai 7 (21)- Kambei easily breaks from from his execution, and Ukio orders all the women to be set free. With the gang going and retrieving them, the next mission is to get to Kanna village. However, we have some complications: One, Sanai is still in love with the former Emporer, and continues to grieve over him. Also, there now seems to be a rift between Katsu and Kambei, for when they take residence at the Firefly House, as Sanai continues to grieve, Katsu and Kiku makes complaints about something or other, and Kambei hits them both, calling them fools.

Roll Call:
Jeff da host
Dave bleach maker
Steve the hellsing man
Erin bearded lady
Andy all your images are belong to us
Tom MagiRed
Evan pinky
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January 24th, Newsletter 101
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