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 Newsletter 102 of January 31st

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PostSubject: Newsletter 102 of January 31st   Sat Feb 09, 2008 11:56 pm

This is more than just a bit late, but I'll make up for it... I hope

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ah! My Goddess S2
Ranma 1/2 x2
Ghost Talker's Daydream
Slayers NEXT
Martian Successor Nadesico

Daphne in the Brillaint Blue- missed due to class

Ah! My Goddess S2: Missed due to class (dammit!)

Ranma 1/2 (7)- Enter Ryoga, the Eternal lost boy... someone who has a very bad sense of direction, and also wants to fight Ranma for reasons unknown. Ryoga basically shows up out of nowhere, calling ranma a coward for not being at a prearranged duel some years ago, and decides that they still need to fight, while Ranma and everyone else continues to wonder what happened in the past. As Akane keeps questioning Ranma, he remembers something, and runs home... so as to get some food for them all to share and try to let bygones be bygones. However, this doesn't appease Ryoga, saying that what ranma did was unforgivable. So what exactly did Ranma do? Back in grade school, he always got the last piece of bread... over and over. Thus, Ryoga sets up another time for them to duel.

Ghost talker's Daydream (4)- The case into the suicide victim continues, with everyone remembering their encounter with the victim via Misaki. We get a deeper look into the killer's past, such as her interests in some water bugs. However, as much as everyone pleads, Misaki still wants nothing to do with this case. However, the main detective leading this case still tries to convince Misaki to prove that the girl killed all the kids. Along the way, insert a very nice bath scene that deals with a few of Misaki's.... assets (or perhaps lack thereof). Ai herself has been feeling the spirits of the victims, and we learn that the killer lost her father and uncle, one to suicide and the other just plain out murdered, and therefore went insane. When Misaki and the detective person visit the room, this time the girl's spirirt flares up and takes over Misaki, trying to kill the detective. Meanwhile, Souichiro and Ai started to head off when Misaki's syalker informs them that something bad is probably happening to Misaki. In this case, we have the two tryign to escape the girl's spirit, but they are unable to run it, and the spirit causes Misaki to drive off the cliff, thinking it'll protect children by killing adults. However, when they go into the water, the spirit sees the spirit of her father, and something else happens, which in the end causes the girl's spirit to go join her father down at the bottom of the pond. When everyone gets back together, Ai says that the children are freed, and thus they head off... until Misaki gets a certain text message and demands they head back.

Slayers NEXT (5)- With Lina having temporarily taken care of the sorcerer, she and Gourry head off to find the pledge stone. They end up bumping into Zel and Amelia again in some sort of trap, and other than her sister, we learn Lina's biggest fear: slugs; as she freaks out when a whole bunch of them appear. This causes Lina to cling to Gourry, and the two suddenly find themselves teleported to another room. Said room is also where the monster lurks, and he offers Lina immortality, which she refuses. Gourry and Lina then make a run for it, and eventually wind up in some sort of laboratory, where they find a woman encased in some sort case. The sorcer shows up, and we learn the reason behind all of this: the woman is the lady who he loved, who also died after an experiment went wrong. The sorcerer should've also died, but the monster showed up and offered immortality. Zel and Amelia then appear, encased in cocoons, as the sorcerer explains he's going to use their life energy as well as so many other's to bring his girl back from the dead. The system activates as energy is pumped into the body, though Zel and Amelia manage to get rescued. Lina then figures out where the pledge stone is, based on an earlier comment, and gourry ends up going and breaking the monster's mask. This causes the sorcer to age, but he still hasn't given up on his woman, especially when the case opens and she comes out... but as nothing more than a doll. When she mouths the words "kill me", the sorcerer begs for forgiveness, as everyone else runs when he casts a huge inferno, killing both himself and the woman, as well destroying the mansion. The other two sorcerers from before are still around, encased partially in stone... and Lina and co have no reward or anything, just acting as heroes. Thus, they head off to whatever new adventure awaits them.

Martian Successor Nadesico (1)- We start off on Mars, where there are a whole bunch of people gathered together in a safety shelter against the attacks of the alien Jovians. A boy named Akito makes friends with a little girl, and when the shelter is breached, he attempts to fight them; however, unable to do anything, he only freaks out as a light flashes. fast forward, and we have something similar to the UN discussing plans for a force to face the Jovians, and thus the Nadesico and crew is gathered, with captain Yurika, the mechanic guy, the seiyuu girl, and many others on board. Akito, meanwhile, keeps freaking out whenever the Jovians attack, and thus ain't really all that great as a cook and ends up getting fired. On his way home (or wherever it is), he bumps into Yurika, who swears they know each other. Thus, due to wanting to give stuff back, Akito ends up finding himself onboard the Nadesico... but as they prepare to launch, they come under fire. With their regular pilot out of commission, Akito goes out to fight, and after some initial difficulty, starts kicking some major ass, as the Nadesico surfaces, ready to launch with everyone onboard.

Ranma 1/2 (Cool- The fight between Ryoga and Ranma continues, with Ryoga running alla round Japan again due to his lousy navigating skills. But either way, the fight commences, with people betting on ranma, but Nabiki needing Ranma to actually lose. We also find out how strong Ryoga actually is, as the unbrella which he weilds easily with one hand... weighs a ton to nromal people. This leads Akane to have some concern, and thus get crazier still when Nabiki does a little psychology on Ryoga, which allows him to end up wielding a telephone pole. Thus, the fights ends up going across town, to the zoo, where Ryoga makes the mistake of calling the male side of Ranam like a girl. This pisses off Ranma as he breaks the telephone pole, but the fighting goes on, breaking a water fountain as ranma is turned feminine. When this gets pointed out and Ryoga let into the know, Ranma admits he's ashamed of being a girl. This doesn't phase Ryoga though, and as Akane and Ranma bicker again, Ryoga throws his banadanas, which turn out to be very sharp. So sharp, in fact, that he ends up cutting Akane's hair, and in a symbolic way, show that as Akane spits out hurtful words to Ranma, she's lost her femininity after having regaining some female personality qualities.

Due to Tom being busy, there are no nicknames for this newsletter

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Newsletter 102 of January 31st
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