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 Black Lagoon Second Barrage and a good deal

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PostSubject: Black Lagoon Second Barrage and a good deal   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:49 pm

Well apparently Black Lagoon Second Barrage was completely dubbed and finished. G4 in Canada aired it so maybe we will get lucky and someone will buy up the rights to release, or at least someone will get a digital capture and make fan DVDs for the net.

I was out shopping today and I went into FYE, I was browsing and had already picked up the complete Alien Nation series and the SE of Fight Club with some pocky. I was ready to check out but figured I'd look at the anime before leaving. Just the normal overpriced crap when I saw the second vol of Black Lagoon. Ah but they wanted $40... I took a closer look, it was the SE, and there were a bunch of BL DVDs. I quickly grabbed a non SE of 2 and vol 3 but oh no, no vol 1! It was at this time I noticed a large case stuck between the others. A metal tin ooooo I snatched it up.

After talking myself into the purchase, only a few dollars more than the internet prices and no worries about discs scratched during shipping, I brought them to the counter. The girl there tried to talk me into getting their discount card that you paid $14 a year for, i don't think so, she told me I'd save $11 just on this purchace while struggling to get the security devices to swipe. I paid her the money and went out to sit for a bit.

I was sitting there thinking about all the things I had bought that day and the cash I still had when I looked at the receipt, but wait. $80.44... I didn't get the discount and 10% of 80.44 isn't 11. I quickly looked over the totals and when she was trying to swipe the DVDs she canceled out vol 2. I got a nice little $30 discount, so now I got all 4 DVDs with metal case and P aid less than the internet price for only 3 discs and no case. Yeah, it made the fact that I missed 2 buses that day seem not to matter much.


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Black Lagoon Second Barrage and a good deal
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