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 The girls of Kamikaze girls:

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PostSubject: The girls of Kamikaze girls:   Fri Mar 28, 2008 2:51 pm

the girls of Kamikaze girls:

These two girls are the stars of the Japanese movie Kamikaze girls. Each actress is also known for their modeling and music careers.
They were interesting to watch in the movie, but their style of music is interesting too:

Anna Tsuchiya (as Ichigo - the yanki punk, hard, rough, spitting, affectionate, friendly girl)

Ky˘ko Fukada (as Momoko - the lolita obsessed, sugar sweet, fancy, frilly, alienated, distant girl)

If you ever seen the french movie Amelie, then you would enjoy Kamikaze girls too. The move is wacky and fun to watch. I liked it a lot. I liked Momoko's character better than Ichigo, but as musicians I prefer Anna over Ky˘ko.


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The girls of Kamikaze girls:
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