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 Bamboo Blade

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PostSubject: Bamboo Blade   Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:12 pm

i stumbled upon this anime and watched all 26 episodes

it's super cute about a kendo club
you have a selfish teacher who pretends it's all for the students,
when really he makes bets so he can eat

you have the high spirited girl who'll do anything to keep the club alive
a flaky girl who wants to do everything but can't
a super strong talented girl who's shy and watches anime >so cute<
a girl who pretends to be a super sweet girl when she is in fact evil to the core
and also loves this acorn looking guy and nobody knows why
and the last girl who wears fake glasses to look smart, but is really stupid
but really talented as a kendo member

oh yeah, there are also guys there too

it's a fun series that i think you'll enjoy..
you can watch most of the episodes here:

whatever doesn't work there can easily be googled and watched somewhere else


0110 0010 0111 1001 0111 0100 0110 0101 0010 0000 0110 1101 0110 0101 0010 0001
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Bamboo Blade
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