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 February 14th, Newsletter 104

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PostSubject: February 14th, Newsletter 104   Thu May 01, 2008 2:26 pm

After a long absence for which I'm aware you're all ready to kill me for, I present what I've been meaning to put up. Please note that there's going to be an absence of nicknames for a while too.

Martina Successor Nadesico
Slayers NEXT
Ah! My Goddess S2
Devil May Cry
Ranma 1/2 x2

Nadesico (4 & 5) - Missed due to class

Bleach (150) – After the group manages to get out of the Hollow Forest, they manage to get themselves to Las Noches, and literally break in. They try to leave the arrancar behind, but naturally this doesn’t work so well. With Nel and the other two tagging along, they continue in, only to have Nel fall into a tunnel, and Ichigo follows after her… as everyone else and a boulder crash down on Ichigo. Going back up isn’t an option, and with Renji lighting the way, they come across a door of sorts. After Ichigo breaks through, they soon find themselves in a room with many hallways. They decide that the only way to get thigns done is for everyone to split up and take a different path, but not before Renji has them take an old oath that they’ll all return. In the mean time, Aizen plays his game with Orihime even further, saying her trusts her.

Slayers NEXT (7) – With the usual beginning of Lina and the group at a restaurant, there’s an ad out for one restaurant selling dragon cuisine, which is some sort of delicacy. Naturally, they can’t resist. However, we learn from the kitchen staff that none of them are crazy enough to go and try to get a dragon, and therefore try to fool the gang by giving out dishes of whale meat and other crap. This doesn’t set well with the gang (well, except for Gourry, but he’s special), and thus barge into the kitchen. This draws the attention of the head chef, and he apologizes for the idiocy of the staff. To make up for it, he says he’ll take them dragon fishing personally. So out into the lake they go, with Zel as the anchor and a sail-sized net to capture the dragon. Naturally, this doesn’t work quite so well. Thus, they’re forced to retreat for now. During the night, Amelia asks the chef why he’s going to such great lengths for them, and he reveals the story of his family and how Amelia looks like one of them. She goes back to the others… and finds they were all basically told the same story. Next day, they go back out and this time, in addition to Zel being the anchor, Gourry is used as bait. Thus, they get the dragon of the pond, and with his skills, the chef takes down the dragon. Meanwhile, Xelloss picks up a medallion the chef dropped, and we find that the tale of his family was quite true. So, they’re back at the kitchen with the various meat, and Lina asks how long it’ll take to make the food… and to put it simply, even for the simple dishes, it takes quite a long while (read: several months) to make the food. Thus, Lina gets dragged out, still wanting the cuisine, saying that she’ll come back for the food.

Ah! My Goddess s2 (Cool- With Peorth now around and being even more meddlesome than Urd,after an embarrassing wake-up for Keriichi, she soon ends up having the goddesses challenge each other to see who can grant Keiichi’s wish, even pulling Belldandy into the fray. Thus, Skuld, Urd and Poerth all do various things to Keiichi that should grant his pleasures, only to cause more messes for Keiichi. The final straw comes when Peorth turns him into the wind itself, but the spell goes out of control and Belldandy ends up saving him. Peorth is still quite determined to get Keiichi, and meddles with Urd’s potions, and Keiichi ends up getting more or less tricked into drinking it. This causes all the girls to fall under the spell of the potion, and needless to say, he gets himself a temporary harem. When Belldandy shows up, Keiichi doesn’t want her to fall under the spell as well, but finds it has no effect. Once the ption wears off, Urd goes and pays Peorth back for the mishap.

Devil May Cry (2)- We start off with two people racing each other on motorcycles, going faster and faster. However, the fun comes to a violent end as one of the guys crashes. Meanwhile, a female is being offered food and a nice place to sleep by a guy, but he takes her to a warehouse, and we learn the real reason why she went with in the first place: young women have vanished after being in this guy’s company, and it turns out that A) he’s a demon and B) she’s a demon hunter. After a couple skulls verify that he’s the culprit, she whips out some guns and takes him down. She’s then approached by some men in black suits. Over at Dante’s place, the female from earlier, who we have learned is simply called Lady, offers Dante a job, and after losing a bet, he has to take it. The job: motorcycle racing, as there’s supposedly a demon involved somewhere. Although Dante has some difficulty with the guys at first, Lady manages to pull things together, and the race begins. They keep going faster, and soon enough, another motorcycle appears, and Dante’s opponent sees his brother, which causes him to speed up. Dante tries to snap the guy out of it, but to no avail; however, the guy does somehow end up breaking free of the demon’s power. At this point, Dante begins hunting the demon, almost blowing up a bridge in the process; but with some reinforcements from Lady, the motorcycle demon is taken out. Which of course means Dante’s still in debt, due to repair bills and everything. However, the motorcycle guy Dante had raced came back, wanting to challenge Dante one more time. Dante makes a bet as the episode ends.

Ranma ½ (10)- The episode begins with Ranma seeing Ryoga in the bath, and quickly puts two and two together, as Ryoga explains about his journey in China and being turned into a pig via cold water, and the curse is also Ranma’s fault. However, Ryoga ends up getting turned back into a pig as Akane comes into the scene and takes pig-Ryoga (aka P-chan) away. That night, Ranma tries to expose Ryoga, but things go horribly wrong and Akane becomes pissed at Ranma again, and Ryoga’s secret stays safe. However, Ranma is far from done, as Akane brings P-chan to school. Ranma tries again to expose Ryoga; things go wrong again as Akane blames Ranma of picking on P-chan. But if one thing remains the same: it’s Ryoga’s non-existing sense of direction, as he finds himself being taken care of by an elderly couple. Akane is now worrying about where P-chan is, and despite the elderly couple finding out Ryoga’s secret, they don’t want to give him up, but in the end, they get P-chan back. Ranma still hasn’t learned much as he continues to try to expose Ryoga, and things go horribly wrong again, with everyone pissed at Ranma.

Ranma ½ (11)- Gymnastic tournaments are underway for some schools, and as females train, one female goes around attacking other gymnasts: Kodachi, the Black Rose. With Kodachi soon injuring the gymnasts of the school Ranma and co. go to, Akane is forced to be on the team. His means Kodachi tries to attack her, but Ranma ends up interfering and Kodachi retreats… in a very strange manner. We also end up finding out that Akane has much room for improvement in gymnastics, despite the ease Ranma has with it. Kodachi has yet to give up though and heads to the dojo; soon enough, she encounters male Ranma (having met female before) on the roof, and immediately falls for him, first paralyzing him, but before she makes a move, although she does come close, she heads off into the night, with Ranma stranded on the rooftop, and Akane goes to check things out as Ranma explains his encounter. But the boy is still left on the roof.


More are coming... hopefully the server won't break
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February 14th, Newsletter 104
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