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 Oops, Disney did it again!

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PostSubject: Oops, Disney did it again!   Wed May 28, 2008 11:28 am


we all know how Disney never creates anything original.
Most of their "classics" were stories already told by Bros. Grim and other story tellers....
though, i like the Grim version of cinderella where the step sisters chop up their feet to fit in the shoe!

and we all know Disney likes to steal from Japanese animators and not give any credit to them!

remember Kimba the white lion?
(if you don't let me know and i'll post it later in this thread)

Anime fans found another steal!
Disney did it again with their movie Atlantis: the Lost Empire.
stolen from a nice little series called Nadia:The Secret of Blue Water...

This page explains it all, quite humorously too:

giving side by side comparisons, it's a nice read so check it out!


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Oops, Disney did it again!
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