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 November 13th, newsletter 144

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PostSubject: November 13th, newsletter 144   Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:16 am

No, you didn't miss anything; I was not around on the 8th of November. However, tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki, Black lagoon the Second Barrage ep. 23 and 24; and Kiddy Grade 15 were watched (perhaps among others). You want the summaries for those, PM me or go to and do a little searching. But anyways, on with this newsletter!

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki x2
Kiddy Grade
Slayers TRY

Shana 17- With a festival coming up for the school, all the kids are busy making preparations for the school festival. However, at the same time, the Crimson Denizen group called Bal Masque are preparing for something big as well, and thus another Flame Haze comes to the city. Shana and Margery take notice of this, but it seems that the new arrival has no ill intentions. Also, with the festival coming up, Yoshida pledges to finally make her feelings known to Yuuji, but Shana is still opposing her.

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki- Due to Mihoshi sending reports that always include Tenchi, her brother Misao (who seems to be a siscon, i.e. has a sister complex) gets the impression that he’s an evil being doing unspeakable things to his sister. Thus, he devises a plan to eliminate Tenchi, which involves sending some mercenaries after the group at home. Meanwhile, the Devil Princess of Jurai has arrived at the residence, saying hello to her granddaughters. Sasami is busy preparing food, while Tenchi and Noike are out in the fields. Ryoko is off, going for more sake, and overall it could be considered a peaceful time. Until the goons go after the girls, of course, and Misao contacts Tenchi and Mihoshi to bring them to his ship. The only problem: the goons are easily dispatched by the girls, and Ryoko is in a fit after being told Tenchi was supposedly harmed, and is off destroying the spaceship. When the fact that the subcommander is in love with Misao is brought out into the open, Mihoshi decides to make it an official party, and thus all are treated well on board one of the ships. The subcommander, however, after seeing that Misao is in danger, immediately rushes to him; due to Ryoko, the ship is just about to go boom. The subcommander takes the hit, and after apparently dying, Misao confesses his own feelings. After that, it turns out everything after the blast was an illusion, i.e. the subcommander is very much alive, and now throughoruly embarrassed as all celebrate this happiness. But, unknown to all, a much deadlier threat lurks not too far away…

Kiddy Grade 16- we start out with Éclair getting into the swing of things after apparently losing her memory again, such as her friends and colleagues, who she works for, etc., as Armburst appears to watch on. After going through how the daily life of Eclair should be, the episode turns into a flashback/recap episode, as Armburst recalls all the events the girls have been in to someone who appears to have a hand in some sort of underground project. Armburst is given the order to continue observing, as the person contact another, each only trusting the other about this mysterious project.

Slayers TRY 13- With Filia finding Xellos making an offer to Valgaav about joining the monster race, things only seem to go downhill as Valgaav blatantly refuses, and thus Xellos goes about trying to kill him, and appears to have the upper hand. Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry find Almace, and learn the truth: that he wishes to summon Darkstar in order to defeat it on this plane via the weapons of Light, and that asking for help was pointless. After his story, they end up hearing the battle, and it turns out that though Xellos was winning at first, he got a little overconfident and thus took some heavy damage. Amelia and Zel show up, giving Gourry his sword of Light, and just as things seem to be looking up, Valgaav manages to get the two objects of Light that are on hand, and dashes off the summon Darkstar. Almace warns that they must hurry, or else the power of Darkstar will be unleashed and uncontrollable. However, it appears that the Gate gets opened…

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PostSubject: Re: November 13th, newsletter 144   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:35 pm

I wonder if you guys will watch the true ending of Tenchi?
Where it's the 20th ep of the ova, (7th of the 3rd OVA)
where there's a wedding involved....


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November 13th, newsletter 144
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