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 Newsletter 145, of November 20th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 145, of November 20th   Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:29 am

A small attendance, but much good stuff watched (well, minus what Dave brought... you'll see what I mean)

Kiddy Grade
Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki
Slayers TRY

Kiddy Grade 17- With “Éclair” now as acting chief, she seems to be very much on the bitchy side (and with a different voice… hm….), she is quite the dominanting force. There also seem to be clone-like versions of Éclair and Luminaire, and Sinestra and Dextera end up feeling their might in a training session, one which they barely manage to get out of alive. Armburst is merely continuing to observe, and project Atlas also seems to be somewhere in the background. Éclair goes about making public speeches asserting her power over everyone, something very few are pleased about. However, at one of these speeches, one of the clones suddenly seems to get free will, but before Éclair can make an example of it, two “mysterious” females show to disrupt the speech, before once more vanishing. But the damage is done to Éclair’s power.

Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki- With Z going and destroying half the earth and moon, Tenchi is told that he just needs to die if he wants things back to normal. The only problem: the goddesses have plans for Tenchi. It gets revealed that the goddesses have been on a search for a being able to control the Light Hawk Wings, each through their own methods; Z and Tenchi were produced, and we learn of Z’s backstory. And despite the goddesses protecting Tenchi, Z still manages to slice Tenchi in half; this causes him to go through a dimensional warp (and even save a girl). However, Tenchi’s body and mind can’t handle the dimensional stress, and despite a counter-attacker on one of the Goddesses planted by Z, the counter is destroyed, and thus Tenchi can be restored, along with the rest of things. It would also seem that Tenchi may be connected to a power so high that even the Goddesses can’t understand, but nothing is truly certain. Thus life goes back to normal.

Shana 18- With the festival well underway, Yuuji is at it with Yoshida, causing feelings to arise within Shana. However, at the same time, a Denizen’s plan is launched, a very complex seal restricted art that no one was able to sense. Shana ends up confronting Yuuji at the festival; the only problem is, Yoshida just found out that he’s a torch, and thus he wants to go after her to explain, but Shana objects. This causes him to get upset at her, and he breaks free to go find Yoshida, who’s also run off. Despite her emotions, Shana knows that she must fight, and also ends up having to defend Yoshida from an attack. On a side note, a girl in class by the name of Oga ends up confronting one of Margery’s lackeys about her feelings as well

AMV Hell Championship edition- It’s another AMV Hell. Need I really say more? (relax, it’s nothing like 0)

Slayers TRY 14- With all the crew at the Gateway, Valgaav attempts to open it; Lina and co are of a different mindset. It’s also revealed that the area is where Cephid and Shaburnigdo once fought, and thus there’s a ton of magical residue. After quite a long battle between Valgaav and Lina+ co. (even a point-blank Dragon Slave is survived by ValGaav), he still manages to get the first two Weapons of Light in, and thus the gate is opened… however, two more weapons seem to come from nowhere, thus stabilizing the Gateway. However, a very gruesome sight awaits all: Drakstay appears to be merged with another portion of Shaburnigdo, and thus the darkness envelopes all who are at the gateway…

Claymore 1- Demons called yoma attack villages and people, and only women who are part monster, called Claymore, are able to defeat them. One such town hires a claymore, and one of the village boys takes a liking to her. He gets into a very small conversation with her, before heading home, and we learn his folks were killed by the yoma, and thus wants revenge exacted. However, he makes a very horrifying discovery: his brother was taken over by the Yoma, and he is the only one left. The claymore destroys the yoma, and takes her leave. However, the boy (Raki) ends up following her out into the desert, as his village threw him out after being in contact with the Yoma, and apparently the claymore brought him to another village. He is told she’s waiting out in the forest; it turns out to be a trap set by a Yoma to lure out the claymore. The yoma is dispatched, and the claymore Claire tells Raki to come along with her, to be her cook.

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Newsletter 145, of November 20th
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