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 December 18th, Newsletter 147

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PostSubject: December 18th, Newsletter 147   Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:25 am

And now folks, I bring you the last newsletter for this year... and I might've gotten a bit carried away with the writing. But anyways, enjoy the report of madness (you'll see what I mean)

Tenchi GXPx2
Kiddy Grade
Slayers TRY
Ranma ½ S3

Shana 21- Wilhelmina attempts to kill Yuji, but he manages to escape via a little power manipulation. However, he still isn’t safe, as Wilhelmina attacks him again. This time, Shana intervenes, not entirely understanding why she’s doing it herself. Wilhelmina asks for an explanation; Alastor ends up saying that Yuji can sense things they’ve missed before, so he still has some use. Shana, in the meanwhile, remains confused about her feelings. With this situation temporarily resolved, Yuji once again think about how Bal Masque will probably come to Misaki city in search of the Midnight Lost Child, and is determined to leave the city before that happens. On the following day, wooden statues left over from the festival are gathered in order to be burned due to suspicion; however, it turns out to be a trap, as when they burn, the HQ of Bal Masque is summoned, and they go directly for Yuji. Wilhelmina makes one last attempt to destroy Yuji to get rid of Bal Masque; Shana jumps in, taking the hit, as Bal Masque escapes with Yuji and the Midnight Lost Child .

Tenchi GXP 4- With Seina officially recognized as a GP member, he now gets introduced to how things work at the Academy. Of course, he first runs in Kiriko, and she now tries to turn him away from the GP; Amane ends up joining in, and a bit of a catfight happens, before all three are called before a judge due to the dispute. The judge tells Kiriko that Seina is in the GP, and both her and Amane are told they’re going to be instructors for a while. Seina then awaits for his next instruction and runs into a certain pink-haired buffoon, before he meets up with Irie, and she explains how things work, as well as explaining the Misaki bloodline…and Seina can only draw the conclusion that she’s Tenchi’s grandmother… BAD MOVE! Afterwards, will the explanations done, Seina goes to his room, and meets his new roommates.

Kiddy Grade 20- Though in new bodies, Éclair and Lumiare are back at GOTT, where things are resuming as normal… until Lumiare ends up falling sick. The diagnosis: due to having been around pretty much as long as Éclair, but retaining her memories the entire time, her new body can’t handle all the data she has stored and is currently receiving. Thus, friends visit in order to wish Lumiare a healthy recovery, even though Eclipse has said Lumiare will die. We are next treated to multiple flashbacks from Lumiare’s perspective, including seeing a world destroyed, how she met with Éclair, and we see them meeting a young Armburst as well a ruined world. Meanwhile, in a last resort effort, Éclair faces the fact that despite all her strength and speed, she cannot help lumiae, and thus turns to Lemuse for help. After the flashbacks finish, Lumiare finds herself being awoken (via a kiss from Éclair), and she’s made a safe recovery; apparently it was due to a certain bottle that Lemuse had hidden…. Though Lumiare’s upset that the whole bottle was drained.

Claymore 4- With the yoma still hiding in the church, Clare decides that the best bet is to go through and examine all the priests individually, while Raki remains safe elsewhere. However, eve after all this, she finds that the yoma isn’t hiding there… and Raki finds that the dead body wasn’t quite so dead. Clare manages to get to him just in time, and is soon joined by Galk and Cid, as they battle against the yoma. With their help (and the fact that Clare’s Claymore has been hidden in a statue that was with Raki), the yoma is finally taken down. However, Clare was forced to draw on a lot of yoma’s power, and thus feels herself changing, and pleads for death; Raki says that if Clare’s going to die, he’s going with her. Yet somehow, Clare manages to pull through, and with the job done, she and Raki head off the following morning.

Slayers TRY 17- Amelia has been washed ashore, and as it turns out, is being taken care of by fish people (think Noonsa, only not evil). She soon learns there’s the slight problem- the daughter has fallen in love with a human, and her father forbids this love. When Amelia questions why, the father says that love between the two species can’t work out, and explains an old story. However, Amelia challenges this, and once they end up getting Gourry back, they set off to learn about one way that the two races can be together. Gourry is forced into becoming a sacrifice for a creature that has the stone needed; after a bit of a battle, gourry manages to haul it in, and the stone is received. Thus, a potion is made, and it doesn’t seem to work at first. The father explains that the potion will only switch the species, not make them the same; the two lovers go through it anyways, as it needed a kiss, and thus we get out happy ending, with the two switching species but still being happy together.

Tenchi GXP 5- Seina and his roommates decide to go and sneak out to a party; the only problem is that one of the guys trips the alarm, and they ends up battling with a ton of other guys to escape the defense system. They manages to outrun it, and once n town, meet up with Amane, who treats them to a drink. After some talk, it turns out this was a trap, and the three are with another girl (I forgot her name), and are involved with People Hunting. However, it’s ot as bad as it seems; the most that happens is their data is collected… at least for Seina. With the other two, they ends up getting the “Washu Treatment”, only with a lot more girls, before they can all go. Then, the scientists find out that they also received Seina’s bad luck, as the system temporarily crashes. Meanwhile, the others are on their way back to the dorms, but now get attacked and can’t dodge. In the end, the guys are chatting with Kiriko, but when Seina goes and talks, she seems the mark fo the defense system, and leaves.

Ranma ½ S3 1- Genma gets attacked by a mysterious foe, and Akane ends up thinking that genma may have another child besides Ranma. In school the next day, Ranma meets an old childhood “friend”, Ukio, who’s a master chef of Japanese pizza and she immediately attacks Ranma. Ranma not only believes that Ukio is a guy, but is also a good friends; flashbacks show us otherwise. Thus, Ukio keeps attacking Ranma, even building a giant griddle that’s in the shape of a ring; Ranma barely escapes. After a bit more brawling between the two, ranma learns the “hard” way that Ukio is actually a she, contrary to what he believed. He also says he’ll now take his punishment like a man; of course, he chickens out, but hit Ukio with a “you’re cute” line, which causes her to blush and stop attacking… and once more calls Akane uncute, getting her all riled up.

Roll Call:

So folks, have yourself a Merry Christmas, Happy New year; etc. Next newsletter won't be for around 3 weeks
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December 18th, Newsletter 147
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