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 March 12th, Newsletter 157

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PostSubject: March 12th, Newsletter 157   Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:04 am

No, you didn't overlook a newsletter... I was out with the flu, and therefore missed one meeting. Anyone interested in what that consisted of, send me a PM. But onto this one

Fate/Stay Night
Tenchi Muyo GxP x2
Devil Hunter Yohko
Cyborg 009-1

Fate/Stay Night 7- With Shirou having the tendency to not rely on Saber and being alone and therefore possibly in danger, she scolds him for being a fool and is quite upset with him. However, leave it to Rin to show up first thing in the morning to take Shirou to school. As they leave, Rin lets Saber know that while they’re at school, Shirou really has a low chance of being targeted and that she’ll otherwise take care of him. When they get to school, as they enter, Shirou gets the sick to his stomach feeling, and Rin explains that he’s probably feeling the barrier that’s in place. The day goes by, and after Shirou decides to spend time with another friend, therefore making him late for his appointment with Rin, they have to do something about the barrier or else problems will arise. Shirou shows a knack for finding the seals of the barrier, and thus the two go about destroying the seals. By the end of the day, they’ve hit many of them and Rin tells Shirou to go straight home; he decides to stick around and do a little more investigating… and finds the largest seal, which has a very strong effect on him. To make matters worse, he also runs into Rider and her master, his friend Shinji…

Tenchi Muyo GxP 16- Fuku, being the ship’s control system, finds herself plunged into the battles against pirates, and it’s quickly found that still being a baby, Fuku isn’t able to handle the emotional stress. Seina tries to take the place of Neju and comfort her, and while this does result in her being attached to him, it still doesn’t cure her longing. Because of the ship going haywire via Fuku, the girls decide to construct a subsystem so that Fuku doesn’t have to be involved. This leads to Fuku being more “homesick” since now she’s not entirely being paid attention to, and finally, after missing Washu’s comforting ways, Fuku runs away with the ship, and Seina on board. The girls soon learn of this problem, and then problem number two arises: Seina’s luck has them brought into the middle of a pirate fleet. Meanwhile, the girl are scolded for treating Fuku as a piece of malfunctioning software, and they they decide to borrow the Chobimaru in order to retrieve Seina. Also enter Ryo-Ohki to help take care of the pirates, and soon enough, Fuku finds herself being treated with TLC by all the crew.

GxP 17- Seina and crew get leave from their duties, and he decides to go and visit his home. This leads to a war between Amane and Ryoko of who can impress his parents more with their clothing, but before things go completely out of control, they have to rescue a lone survivor of a crash. It turns out this “lone survivor” is really a trap set by the infamous pirate Tarant; but as it turns out, the girls had a trap of their own set, and his ship gets blown up. With that taken care of, they all finally head to Earth, where Seina’s bad luck kicks in with his friends around. Thus do Amane and Ryoko meet Seina’s parents (as his little sister becomes acquaintances with NB, who’s actually behaving himself), and a party occurs, as Amane and Ryoko are both thanked for taking care of Seina and any trouble he’s given them, as they also both get drunk (and his father joins in it as well), and it’s an overall good time, especially when the photo album is broken out and Amane and Ryoko lean about Seina’s accident-ridden past. By the end, Seina is out of the porch with Kiriko, and they have a small talk in which he says hwo he’s thankful she’s always been by his side, and wants her to remain there as well.

Devil Hunter Yohko 5- Yohko must now face the greatest nemesis of the devil hunters, and the one who’s responsible for the mess of demons in the first place: Tokima, a manipulator of time. After Tokima possesses a couple people to get close to where his power is fully sealed, he’s driven away by barriers as well as Yohko’s grandmother… and then he later takes over Azusa, who takes the seal out of the house. However, Yohko and her grandmother (who currently has the body of teen due to Tokima) pursue her, and are able to keep the seal from being broken, though Yohko must fight Azusa in the process. Finally though, Yohko manages to free Azusa, and it looks like things are safe… until Tokima comes from Azusa’s shadow and impales Yohko, then takes over Azusa again, and is now able to break the seal, giving him his full power back. He sends Yohko through a time portal, and she’s transported to the era of the first Devil Hunter, who manages to heal Yohko. Meanwhile, Azusa and Yohko’s grandmother are fighting against Tokima, but are no match for him. Back in time, Yohko and the first Devil Hunter talk about the current problem, and after they combine their rings, are able to get back to Yohko’s time, where they take on Tokima… but he’s still a little too powerful. Then he makes copies of himself… and in a really weird move, all the other Devil Hunters are temporarily summoned to battle the clones, and when they finish their job, Yohko land the final blow, thus erasing Tokima for good. With everything settled, Yohko tries to get rid of her ring, only to find out that there are still powerful demons out there, even with Tokima gone. Her job is simply never done.

Cyborg 009-1 2- After some initial training, 009-1 is given leave for the Christmas holiday… only to be given and emergency mission. As it turns out, children with mutant telepathic powers are being taken to some sort of facility, and one of their agents was killed while investigating these children. 009-1 is therefore assigned to investigate this. She meets up with the military unit who’re pursuing the mutants, and finds that the commander is one foul-tempered manner who believes the only good mutant is a dead one. Thus 009-1 goes with them as they go after the child who’s on the run, and run into the difficulty of the child having escaped already. Still, the dead bodies of her parents left behind a clue, and the chase continues. As they follow the footprints through the snow, the tracks suddenly stop… and the rest of the unit turns on each other, attacking their fellow members. This sends the commander into a wild rage, demanding that the child come out so he can kill her. This leads to him ending up turning the gun on himself, and he kills himself. 009-1 soon discovers that the others were merely knocked out… and then she finds the child herself, and figures out that her power is related to the emotions of people, as she’s able to reflect those emotions (hence why the commander killed himself). Thus, 009-1 really wonders whether the evil ones are the mutants, or simply the people who they encounter, as the girl herself leaves.

Claymore 12- Clare is given an assignment to hunt down an Awakened Being, and she tells Raki to stay put as she goes to investigate the Awakened Being. She heads to some old ruins, where she meets the one who’se supposed to be her partner. However, it turns out that this claymore, ranked at number 4, is a very arrogant one, who believes that Clare’s just dead weight and she can handle the Being herself. In fact, to pass time, Ophelia decides to test Clare out… and then things get really interesting when Raki shows up, who had decided to disobey Clare in order to come and try to protect her. Unfortunately, Ophelia first slices off Clare’s legs, and then attacks Raki, saying that she’ll start off easy on him, and Clare had best get her legs healed if she wants to save the boy. Ophelia’s not worried about attacking a human either, as she says it could simply be passed off as an accident, and that no one’s around the ruins anyways. Thus, as Clare races to heal herself, Raki starts off strong but soon takes a ton of hits… but stands his ground. Then another girls shows up, and she’s the Awakened Being. She goes after Raki first, and Ophelia takes delight in pinning clare down to watch Raki hopelessly fight the Awakened Being… until Clare displays her Awakened Being traits, and saves Raki. This leads Ophelia to believe she’s got two Awakened Beings to take out; the real one now focuses attention on the Claymores. Clare then tells Raki to hold on extremely tight, and she flees with him, trying to get as far away as possible, as Ophelia finds herself ensnared by the Awakened being, and then getting her head twisted around. Clare and Raki pause for a brief moment, and then tells him to run away, as she’s the real target. Raki refuses, insisting that he should protect her… and then Clare kisses him, telling him that they’ll both have to stay alive, so they can meet up again in the future. Meanwhile, Ophelia’s not dead yet, and they reveals her strength as she beheads the Awakened Being in one slice, and it turns out leaving the head attached was how she survived. With that one gone, she now pursues Clare…

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March 12th, Newsletter 157
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