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 March 26th, Newsletter 159

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PostSubject: March 26th, Newsletter 159   Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:19 pm

And we had a rarity- Dave was actually out sick! Thus, no Claymore, but also no bitching about something new on the list...

Tenchi Muyo GxP x2
Cyborg 009-1
Fate/Stay Night
Ranma ½
Darker than Black

Tenchi Muyo GxP 18- After dealing with the pirates called the Good Luck fleet and managing to escape, they’re given some time to relax-at the beach, no less. Meanwhile, Daluma (who’s in charge of the Good Luck Pirates) pulls Seina out of jail, and along with three lackeys, sens him off on a search of lucky items to give him even more luck than Seina. Thus as Seina’s crew has a good time, Seiro goes all over the place in search for luck, as his own luck goes up and down. So, after many up-and-downs in luck, Seiro finally manages to get his hands on a huge vase, which apparently is the luckiest object there is. This he takes back to Daluma, and ends up building a ship that’s like a good-luck shrine. They move out to eliminate Seina… only to find that not only don’t their engines work, but a GP fleet is coming. However, said fleet passes right by them (and even tosses money)... which gets Seiro even more motivated to destroy Seina now.

19- Still on break, Amane’s mother drops by the group for a moment, with a small proposal for Amane: to temporarily go back to modeling. Amane rejects the offer at first, but after a few words from Seina she decides to go and do it, just for one day. This makes her father overjoyed, and he of course thinks she’s finally done with the GP… obviously not the case. As she goes in for the fashion show, it turns out that the fashion world hasn’t forgotten her- as she meets an old friend, and then a certain rival. Thus battle begins between the two models… and in the final round, Amane proves it takes more than just assets to be a model, as she skillfully demonstrates battle skills. The rival, not to be outdone, attempts to same thing… only to find it’s far harder than it looks, and loses most of her clothing in the process. In the end, though Amane says that going back wasn’t bad, she’ll take Seina over fashion anyday (much to the envy of the rest of the girls)

Cybord 009-1 3- 009-1 is assigned to take out a very egotistical hitman, who's already killed several agents. This guy, called Egg, is extremely skilled but also has a certain arrogance to him, never killing at night but only during the day, and with older weapons. She also turns out to be his next target... and after some talking between the two at night, for the next few days, they end up getting absolutely nowhere with each other, as his bullets never hit, and she is never able to get the jump on him, even after a few tricks. They battle during the day, and at night, converse with each other. As the fight drags on, both become frustrated with each other, and they also find themselves draw to each other, and share a night in bed (don't ask me how that works when she's a cyborg). They also reveal their secrets- 009-1 apparently has sensors in her earring that allow her to hear bullets, and Egg has something far more unique- he's actually blind, but his blindness also allows him to read the auras of his opponents. Sfter their night, they have one final day... and Egg's arrogance gets the best of him, as 009-1 turns out to have tricked him about her strength (the sensors are actually built into her body), and she's says he's become quite arrogant by having a style, and that they're not the same, as she's no professional. Thus, with his arms disabled due to a couple of shots, Egg is shot through the head, making 009-1 the victor here.

Fate/Stay Night 9- Saber does battle against the Servant know as Assassin, and it turns into a fierce battle as both turn out to be skilled swordsmen. Rider meanwhile uses thus as a distraction to battle the resident witch, and while the undead that are summoned are nothing, the witch is greater than Rider. Saber takes damage, and this alerts Shirou to something going on. Assassin provokes Saber, saying she has great power but is still holding back, and this cuases Saber to use the feature of her (invisible) blade- a turbulent wind is summoned. But before it can be used, it seems someone (possibly Lancer) was spying on their battle. Thus Assassin calls a end to their fight, and Saber, having used too much power and worn out by Assassin’s skill, ends up collapsing as Shirou gets her. The next day, the two confront each other about Saber’s outing last night, and as she argues that it is her duty to fight and even get hurt, Rin reveals that Shirou probably doesn’t want Saber to be hurt in battle. Thus he says he’ll fight alongside her, and she allows it under one condition: that Shirou will begin training for fighting.

Ranma ½- As Genma and Ranma do morning training, Akane is trying to cook breakfast for her father along with Kasumi. As Ranma gets mad at his father and chases him, he also ends up ruining Akane’s breakfast (which was already bad), and she attacks ranma with a frying pan. Rnam was standing at the edge of the pond, and thus is knocked in… but also hits his head in the process. This knock on the head pretty much erases all of his masculitnity, and makes him think he’s a she. Thus does Ranma explore the more feminine side of life (along with Akane), as everytone starts going crazy that Ranma has become feminine (except for Happosai, who tries to take advantage here). Finally, Genma ends up knocking Ranma into the pond again, and Ranma hits his head yet again, resorting him… until Akane hits him again, and time he just loses all his sense.

My-Otome 5- Arika finds that Otome life is far harder than what she thought it would be. To soon make matters worse, her uniform vanishes, but is soon found… at a place where it’s on sale to Otome fans. Since it’s hers, Arika is the prime suspect for selling it off, and thuis faces charges of expulsion, something a few people (i.e., the princess) are more than happy to have occur. Thus with the help of friends, Arika frantically tries to find out the cause of this. After clues here and there, one of the girls, in an audience before the headmistress, reveals that it’s actually the princess’s cat who is the guilty one, something the princess refuses to believe… but the proof is all there as she runs out in embarrassment. However, it seems that there are still darker things going on with the Academy, as one of the girls ends up getting berated by a shady character…

Darker than Black 1- Contractors and Dolls- one being killing machines in human form with strange powers, and the others passive mediums. Both appeared around 10 years ago in Tokyo, when an incident that caused a huge wall known as Hell’s Gate to be built around the city. We start off with one Contractor fleeing the the police… and it turns out that for using their powers, Contractors must pay a price (this guy’s are ripping his fingers off). A masked man appears before him, looking for a package… but someone else has it. And for reasons that include the masked guy thinking ones like Contractors are filth, he kills him. Go to the day, and a foreign exchange student moves in to an apartment complex, and getting acquainted with the place. Meanwhile, the police are looking for a missing woman who has something to do with high classified info who’s been missing, and when they find her at some sort of hosting place, they immediately give chase as she runs. She ends up running into the new neighbor, Li, and he hides her from the police (by making it look like they’re a couple making out by a tree, no less). She thanks him, and he goes back to stargazing as she runs again. However, she finds herself in trouble due to the police still chasing her, when a friend comes along, wanting the info she has. However, she was told to tell no one but the man who gave it to her… and this causes her friend to actually take her by force. Li arrives and hits the guy on the head, before then running away with the girl (Chiaki). When they’ve gotten away, they find themselves in trouble again, as their pursuer turns out to be a teleporting Contractor… and he knocks Li off the bridge they’re on as trains pass underneath it, and Chiaki is now KO’ed and taken. When she comes to, she finds herself in a small room, and she learns that not only is the guy who gave her the info dead, but she’s with Contractors who want the info. One of them notes that they’re being spied on, and Chiaki attempts to escape… and a convenient power failure causes the lock to open as she escapes… and runs into a still very much alive Li.

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March 26th, Newsletter 159
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