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 April9th, Newsletter 161

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PostSubject: April9th, Newsletter 161   Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:24 am

I mean to do it last newsletter, but this time I've managed to cut stuff down by a little bit (it still needs work)... hopefully this trend will continue

Tenchi Muyo GxP x2
Fate/Stay Night
Lucky Star

Tenchi Muyo GxP 21- Lady Seito is up to her devious tricks afain, and manages to separate Seina from his usual four girls… though she actually tricks three of them as Kiriko is selected to be bound to a Jurain Tree. During this time, Seina runs into four girls he’d met earlier, and because he catches them is “embarrassing” situation (some more than others), all four keep trying to get him to marry him. Meanwhile, Amane, Ryoko and Neju go through all sorts of terrain as they attempt to get back to Seina, and when they finally do… they find him in the company of the other girls, and in bed nonetheless

GxP 22- With Kiriko having now gotten her own Tree, she (with the consent of her Tree) decides to give Tenchi and the others a grand tour of the ship. It’s like an entire world inside… obviously Jurians aren’t known for subtlety. As they go through the ship, Fuku also becomes good friends with the tree. After the grand tour is done, Seito decides to try and fuse Seina’s ship with Kiriko’s… and after some initl difficulty, it works out quite well. This happens just in time for Seina’s bad luck to draw in the pirate leader Daluma… and battle breaks out, resulting in the decimation of Daluma’s fleet, and him being taken prisoner.

Fate/Stay 11- Shirou continues his training under Rin, who keeps having him reinforce the lamps… and he keeps breaking them. She leaves him to it, and she and Saber end up finding a little stash of Shirou’s previous works. It turns out that he’s made some ordinary objects into things made out of substances that didn’t exist in those objects before, and she begins to realize that Shirou’s power has something to do with creating something out of nothing. As Shirou continues his training, he gets a call from Shinji, and heads over to the school… only to find things a little too quiet. As it turns out. This was a trap for Shirou, and Shinji has Rider attack. This forces Shirou to summon Saber, and a battle between the two Masters and Servants occurs… and after finding out that Shirou has realized this is no longer a joke, Shinji has Rider destroy the spell encompassing the school, and then the two escape.

Mai- Otome 7- Arika has managed to get herself a job in construction in order to earn some side cash, and Masahiro finds herself getting more and more worried about possibly being a fake queen. When Arika accidently touches this nerve, Major Wong ends up explaining to her the circumstances, and Arika runs off to apologize… to find Nagi making a move on masahiro. After he leaves, and Arika has a discussion with masahiro, the two accidently fall through a hidden panel, and end up exploring ruins beneath the castle… and they’re followed. Among the ruins, they find an organ of some sort, and end up activating its power (and Nagi is seen with a smile)… only to find out that some other pieces are missing. Still, the power release has drawn some attention, including that of a Slave (the big mecha-like enemies). This forces Arika to enter a contract with Masahiro in order to activate her power as an Otomoe… and she ends up saving them, plus they get out of the ruins. Masahiro then says is her job to find a way to break the contract and keep it secret as well, but they part on half-decent terms.

009-1 5- 009-1 visits this world’s Rome, and goes to a fountain where depending on the number of coins you toss over your shoulder could cause your lover to come… or to break up with you. She also meets a fellow agent there, who’s tracking someone. This being one of 009-1’s concern, she leaves… and picks up a hitchhiker who’s headed back towards Rome. There’s a catch… this girl is also being chased by people. 009-1 takes them out, and heads back to Rome, where the girl wanders off on her own. 009-1 then talks with her colleague, who’s tracking a man with a briefcase. Sometime later, as 009-1 is leaving Rome, she gets attacked, and after dealing with those pests, finds that a coin she was given earlier is a tracking device. She has a feeling of what’s going on… and this time heads to the Coliseum, where she finds her colleague injured. Going in, she learns another truth: that the hitchhiker from earlier turns out to be an android, apparently working with the man with the briefcase (and the briefcase turns out to just be full of adult entertainment type of magazines)… however, the android is actually berserk, as the man is killed. We have a Terminator scene as 009-1 attempts to take out the android, and finally does it by electrocuting her. Thus 009-1 and her colleague’s work here is done, and 009-1 heads off.

Claymore 10- Clare continues to learn the quicksword technique, and keeps being pushed to her limit. This causes Eleana to say that Clare will never master the technique… until she gives her the parting gift of her other arm. With that, Clare should now be able to use it to its full potential. With that, Clare sets off… only to run into an Awakened Ophelia, who turns out to be a rather fierce opponent. At first she struggles, between Ophelia’s power and getting used to the new arm. Meanwhile, another Claymore has come for Eleana’s head, and Eleana first attempts to get some answers from her. Back with Clare, for a brief moment in time, Ophelia’s human conscience has come back, and she decides to play a game: if Clare can cut through all of her before Ophelia kills Clare, Clare wins the game. At first, she makes it partway, before being stabbed… until Ophelia gives her a little encouragement (about the ones who Clare will leave behind if she dies), and then Clare uses the Quicksword to slice and dice Ophelia, and her last thoughts are about her brother… and she finally realizes why her brother was able to die with a smile, as she now believes she’ll be reunited with her brother in the Afterlife.

Luck Star 2- Another episode with the lolis and school life. Topics this time: Schoolwork, which was supposed to be done over the break (showing how one of the girls actually did it as the others goofed off), which leads to the fact that exams are coming up for the class. Only one of them actually studies; the blue-haired otaku (Konata) manages to just cram everything in one night and scores high as the other girl who didn’t study would rather not talk about her grade. Things finish off with Konata talking about getting a part-time job. Multiple guesses are made as to what it could be… and it turns out she works at a cosplay café.

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April9th, Newsletter 161
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