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 Newsletter 162, April 16th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 162, April 16th   Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:57 pm

The trips are being planned, and we have the guys going to the con in Chicago, Renfair in August, and NYC in September (just a breif reminder)... but onto the newsletter.

Princess Minerva
Lucky Star
Fate/Stay Night
Darker than Black

Princess Minerva- Another thing of Dave’s… yes, that means Be Afraid. Anyways, the basic idea is something like this: after a few random incidents which gather the cast all together (several wanting to inflict sever damage upon others), most of the cast turn out to be wanting to compete in a tournament, which is to determine who will become part of the Princess’s bodyguards. As we learn, the Princess herself wants to battle due to a certain fighter being involved, but as a trusted friend of the Princess reminds her, her father has forbidden her to fight. This leads to an argument, and Minerva says that the last thing her friend will need to do for her is take her place at the king’s side. The tournament begins, and the one called Lady Death shows she’s probably the strongest… which of course means that the others want to fight her, which leads to quite a bit of chaos. However, things come to an abrupt end when the king adds two and two to realize that his daughter’s fighting. As all walk away, the one acting as the princess’s double gets kidnapped. The kidnappers realize their mistake when they go to their boss, and when word gets back, the princess immediately sets off to rescue her, and eventually, all join in. However, it turns out to be a trap, and all the fighters find themselves overwhelmed… until “Lady Death” shows up, and handles things to the point where Minerva can free her captured friend. However, doing so sends both of them into an alternate dimension created by the sorceress Dynastar, and Minerva’s friend is tortured in front of Minerva, and then apparently killed. This sends Minerva into a magical girl type of tirade, as she goes on about selfishness costing her friend’s life, and get a power-up in her sword, which allows her to kill Dynastar, and the dimension is shattered… but her friend is still dead. As everyone otherwise recovers after the battle, Minerva’s friend’s body is carried, and laid on the ground… and of course a tear from Minerva manages to get her friend to open her eyes. Thus all is well. A simple translation: this should never see the light of day… it was really just that bad.

Claymore 15- We tart out seeing the Organization plotting something to do with the Claymores, before we switch back to Clare, who continues her search for Raki. She searches all throughout a nearby town, and things get interesting when four claymores arrive in town to deal with something up on a hill. Even though Clare asks all over the place, she gets nowhere… but she is informed that Raki passed through recently. When she finishes for the day, things get hectic as a half-eaten Claymore returns from the hill… reporting that something monstrous is up in that cave, and to get help. We get to see precisely what is in that cave: a little girl, and a guy who appears to be an Awakened Being, experimenting with the Claymores, trying to get them to Awaken 9but having little success). Clare is on her way there, and after being met with some resistance, she is sensed by the two in the cave… and w also see Raki trekking through the desert, trying to stay alive to see Clare.

Lucky Star 3- Once again, the main cast of the high school lolis talk about ordinary things, from contests, to seeing that Konata is extremely skilled at the arcade, and even talking about the supposed mysteries behind twins. There were far too many topics here for me to record…

Mai-Otome 8- Arika continues to search for a way to break the contract with Masahiro, and a friend of hers reveals that although their gems can actually be removed, the contract remains. Unable to think of any other solutions, the only other suggestion that is possible is to see if there’s information ion the forbidden Library. However, getting in isn’t that easy, but they do have an upperclassmate’s support. Thus they enter, and find something completely unexpected below: gravestones from 50 years ago of Otomes. Thus they learn the horrible truth of otomes: in the end, they’re just weapons that search the rulers, and if need be, they will fight and kill each other. This is unavoidable, but Arika vows that she’ll become an otome to prevent war form ahppeneing. However, things are always easier said than done, as in another kingdom, it seems that someone wants to brew trouble and start another war.

Fs/N 12- In order to prevent Shinji from doing what he did in the school, Saber and Shirou go around town, looking for places where he might be hiding. They get noweher, and saber suggest that they take a break. However, where they decide to take a break is a darker place of Shirou’s memories, and he explains about his situation to Saber (after a nap). Saber says that this place obviously makes him uncomfortable, and they should leave… but not before Rider shows up, looking to fight Saber and end things once and for all. Thus round two begins, and Rider seems to have the upper hand, especially when she summons a winged horse phantasm (I assume it’s Pegasus). Thus Saber is put at a huge disadvantage, and things seem hopeless for her, as Rider taunts that the air is to he advantage. However, Saber reveals that she too has an advantage: her sword is fully summoned, and Excalibur unleashes a great golden beam at Rider, and Rider is eliminated, Shinji’s book of magic burning. Despite this win, there is still a price, as after using the sword, Saber’s armor vanishes, and she falls unconscious, as Shirou tries to wake her.

DTB 3- Li continues his job, apparently as an odd-job man, working for some sort of researcher. Meanwhile, we shift focus to another girl, whose eyes are seen to fade o an orangish-red several times. As she goes through the day, she suddenly finds herself in front of a burning pile of magazines, and she runs from it… but not before the researcher gets a call, and we learn that girl is his daughter Mai, though she has no love for her father. She’s let off with a warning, and her father suddenly seems to take great interest in her and this development. Still upset by this, she exits the car as they drive home, to go be with her friends. But Mai seems kind of down, and even declines to have dinner at a friend’s. She goes absently through the day, and Li has to cover for her several times. She wants him to stop following her, and he suggests then that she should go home. Mai says that she doesn’t want to return to that empty place, and Li then says they should spend the night out. Thus they go to a ramen stand and an amusement park. When morning arrives, mai remarks that Li is like an older brother to her… and things get ugly when Li finds they’re being followed. It seems that Mai’s father has people wanting him to go back to work (and they have a contractor with them), and they plan to use Mai as bai. As she runs from them, a little blue she showed Li earlier on her wrist suddenly fades, and an explosion occurs where Mai was being chased to. A new star (symbolizing a contractor) has appeared in the sky…

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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter 162, April 16th   Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:12 am

we still have to pick out a date for the ren fair! so its not decided it were going in august. i was thinking if its cool with everyone else we think about going in july. since it would give everyone else a chance to save up for an extra month for nyc in sept.

plus for some other ideas how about a beach trip or dave's boat if everyone has the time this summer and all.

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Newsletter 162, April 16th
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