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 Newsletter 169, June 11th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 169, June 11th   Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:51 pm

The lesson of the day: don't go to Wal-mart in Utica, unless you wish to run into bad luck... but enough about that.

Black Cat
Mai Otome
Darker than Black
Lucky Star
Fate/Stay Night

Black Cat 7- With the death of Saya and the fight against Creed, Train is taken care of by Eve and Sven for a week (since the fight caused an explosion, and Train opted to protect the kids). As Train is resting and has company with Eve and Sven, Chronos is intending to retrieve Eve. Things get even more complicated when Train makes a harsh comment towards Eve, causing her to flee, where she meets up with the Erasers sent from Chronos. She gets herself into a difficult position, and Train comes along and gets her free, before helping Eve take out the Erasers. Later we see that Train is wearing a bell Eve created for him (“put a bell on a bad cat and you’ll always know when it’s coming”), since before he’d said she was a monster like he was, and in the fight changed that to “she’s a human” while he’s a stray cat. And back at Chronos HQ, they must worry about the possible existence of the Tao…

Mai Otome 16- The graduation performance is coming up, and there’s even a chance that one of the girls will get to become a pillar. Arika and Nina are to both perform at the graduation, something Arika is quite excited about. However, there are still dark thigns going on, and the psychobitch among them tries to take out Arika, as she gets saved by Erstein pushing her out of the way… and said psychobitch is in the background, not liking this at all. When the graduation finally comes around, Mashiro is all set to unveil the new castle, something she’s been working hard on. However, when its unveiled, it is far from her castle, as it is really a weapon which ends up firing off a laser, and then Slaves swarm the skies as disaster starts going full-throttle. (And on a side note, we saw an extra about the stuff between Akane and Kazuya... and the moral is, they just simply want to consummate their love. However, though they're together, because she ended up becoming his Otome... yeah, they got screwed (or as in this case, they can't). And since Jeff requested this in the notes... we killed a disk!)

Darker than Black 9- Misaki investigates a murder involving an unknown Contractor… and ends up bumping into her father at the scene. They end up going to a dinner right in the middle of a Chinese Syndicate’s base of power (considering we’re talking about two police here), and after the dinner, Misaki runs into Alice, who apparently was an old schoolmate. Alice invites Misaki to her party, even managing to get her all dressed up and introducing her to her father (which Alice’s father later scolds her on). Misaki runs into Li and one of her subordinates at the party, and it seems that the party is really just a cover to get all the top brass under Alice’s father together. A board meeting is called, with Alice’s servant Wei bringing all the brass into a room, and locking the door. Meanwhile, Alice brings Misaki up to the top, where she shows her a garden of stone flowers that are still very much alive. Back in the board room, Wei suddenly cuts himself and sprays his blood on the ones there. Back with Misaki, Alice tells Misaki that the bees which pollinate the flowers produce a special agent, something that is like a drug, which she immediately injects herself with, before then revealing that Wei is the Contractor Misaki is looking for, as we see said Contractor use his power to kill all the ones in the room. On top of that, Misaki ends up discovering the body of Alice’s father, who was killed by Wei, as Alice pulls out a gun and fires at Misaki. As she runs, she also ends up bumping into Li…

Lucky Star 10- We start out with Tsukasa getting herself a new cellphone as she discovers texting, going crazy with it. Yumi visits Konata and as usual, is a help with nothing. We see that Miyuki continues to fit Konata’s image of “cuteness”, as she forgets an appointment and her stop on a bus. Later on, the twins end up having a sleepover with Konata, and they end up remembering that there’s still homework. It’s also discovered that Konata and her mother look almost identical. Later at school, Konata tris to come up with a nickname for Kagami, as all the others have one, and the result is one Kagami regrets (Kagami-sama, which is rather embarrassing)

Fate/Stay Night 19- In the final showdown against Caster, another Archer-class servant. This guy is rather powerful, as he is soon able to take out Caster. We also find out that this guy knows Saber, and back at home, we learn of the much darker side of the last Holy Grail War. It turns out that a Servant can remain in the world if they make that wish with the grail, and that appears to be the solution. However, Saber reveals that this is impossible, because she battled this Archer in the final showdown, and was the one who got the Grail. Not only that, but she was the Servant of Shirou’s father, who had her actually destroy the Grail, betraying by using a Command Seal to get her to destroy the Grail, and it was because of this that the fire occurred. Shirou then goes sees the guy in the church about this, especially the problem of an eighth Servant being in play, something he seems surprised about.

009-1 11- With the attack on the mutant base, Mylene takes the children to safety, where she runs into one of the scientists. They manage to escape… at least temporarily. They get caught by the military, and then none other than the agent called Loki shows up, and Mylene goes off to buy him and the others time. She gets herself captured and subjected to torture, and is stuck for a while, as the enemy tries to get info from her that she doesn’t have. Meanwhile, another of the 00 agents, 9-3, is having disturbing dreams, and this is possibly related to an incident that occurred long ago. Meanwhile, Mylene manages to get herself free, and learns about the dream. On top of that, another explosion occurs, and Mylene puts together some very disturbing facts: just before the explosion, the children eemed to be praying to the moon, and along with other stuff she heard at the lab, it turns out that the moon is a key to this. However, she’s first ordered back to base and to drop her mission… something which she decides to defy, becoming a rogue agent.

Claymore 22- With Regaldo the Silver-Eyed Lion King now in town, the degree of difficulty has just increased. Not only is he able to match the Calymores move-for-move, he’s also much faster and stronger than them, taking out a few more. The remaining ones keep tag-teaming him, but he’s still able to always have the upper hand, though he isn’t quite able to kill them. As the fight drags on, the Claymores keep trying, but see how this is such a hopeless situation, with such a strong opponent. Just as Regaldo is about to finish off Miria, who ended up wearing out before Regaldo did, Clare draws upon more power than she ever has before, Regaldo finds himself missing the arm that was about to kill Miria. Wondering what the hell happened, he looks at the state Clare is in, and remarks that things are getting interesting…

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Newsletter 169, June 11th
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