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 June 18th, Newsletter #170

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PostSubject: June 18th, Newsletter #170   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:35 pm

Quite a bit happened in the various, so due to my putting of being very detailed, stuff turned out longer than I anticipated... but take all the time you need to read it. And I didn't even include the Anvil Chorus either...

Fate/Stay Night
Lucky Star 11
Darker Than Black
Murder Princess

009-1 12 (Final)- Missed most of the first half of this, but the general idea goes like this: Mylene, along with Loki, has discovered some sort of mutant research lab up on the moon, and its apparently responsible for the explosions that have occurred on Earth. As they invade this lab, it looks like Loki and Mylene each have some psychic abilities of their own, and we soon learn of Loki’s real motivation: he wishes to end the Earth, since he’s sick of the unending war between the two sides, an it will take something radical to stop them. Mylene says that despite his reasoning, it’s still wrong; Loki then goes on about how his entire family was taken from him due to the war, and it’s all but confirmed that the two are actually siblings. They end up fighting so that Mylene can stop Loki, and to make matters worse, the military has gotten to the moon and invaded the lab, and starts destroying it. Loki still manages to get to the device to activate the explosion, but before he can, the ceiling collapses, stopping him from pressing the button but also separating Loki and Mylene. She gets out of there, and a little later, says goodbye to the young psychics. Afterwards, back on Earth, Mylene is in contact with her boss, and he gives the report: Loki’s body was never found, though others were, so he’s vanished for now… something Mylene says is for the best. And then she gets herself another assignment… THE END.

Fate/Stay Night 20- After talking with the guy in the church (I keep forgetting his name), Shirou learns that Saber will vanish once the Grail War is over, whether or not she’s won. The only solution to this is for her to drink the water within the Grail, which would give her a second life. However, Saber is quite set on completing her mission, though it will mean she will vanish. Knowing this, Shirou decides to spend the next day on a date with her… though Saber first has to be informed to what a date actually is, which leads to a very awkward moment. Nonetheless, they end up going around the city on their date, having a pretty fun time… until the very end. When Shirou brings up the part about Saber fighting, they get into a fight about her role in the War, in which she says that no matter what, she will fight in order to correct the mistakes of the past. Shirou argues that the past is past, and she should care about herself instead. Saber counters by pointing out that Shirou can’t talk, since he’s always risking himself for others. Unable to convince Saber, he tells her that she can go wherever she wants to, as he leaves for home. Some time passes by at home, and Rin comes around looking for Saber, who’s nowhere to be found at home. As it turns out, she’s still where Shirou left her. He tells Saber that he won’t back down, but she should at least go back home. As they both head home, they run into none other than the eighth Archer Servant, who says that Saber is his…

Lucky Star 11- We start out with the girls doing a little stargazing, and then the girls get into a discussion about missing stops while asleep, and Konata has been there quite a few times, having rode a train an entire way before since she slept through her stop… and her dad is no better. A little later, Kagami finds that everyone seems to know her in class, and she says she’s been hanging around in class for too long. Also, it seems that things are getting near the end of the year, and the girls talk about the various preparations they’re making. Yumi comes over to visit Konata again, and a cop drama is on, which leads to Yumi and Konata’s dad discussing the difference from What’s on TV to reality. Finishing off the episode, Christmas has almost arrived, and everyone’s getting all excited for it… though at one point, Yumi goes over to their place drunk, complaining about her husband not being around… until she gets a call from him since he’s back home, which quickly sobers her up and she immeditaley decides to head out, with Konata’s dad offering to drive.

Darker than Black 10- With Alice now on the hunt for Misaki, and Misaki having run into Li as well, they both make an escape for it. This ends up leading to Misaki and Li finding themselves in a bathroom stall in order to figure out how to deal with the current problem, and they finally formally introduce themselves. Meanwhile, back in the boardroom, Wei has taken all the top brass with his power, and leaves the room in order to find Alice again, telling a couple grunts to clean up the mess. Li and Misaki, in the meanwhile, have managed to get Saitou involved now, and they come up with the plan of using a cart with Misaki hidden in it, with Saitou and Li pushing it to get out of the current mess. As they push it through the halls, Saitou notes that Li has vanished… as it turns out, He’s now up investigating the garden in his Contractor clothes, and after removing the main flower, discovers the entire garden was connected to it. He also gets some sort of crystal which was apparently his original mission. However, Wei has also made his way up there, and the two soon battle, and Li/Hei barely survives as Wei starts crashing the entire place, though it seems Wei managed to do a bit of damage to Hei. They take their fight to the rooftop, each coming within inches of taking out the other. Finally, it appears that Wei’s blood got on Hei’s mask, and Hei is seen to fall off the roof with the explosion. Back with Misaki and Saitou, they’ve been directed to a room, and it turns out Misaki wasn’t the only one with the idea of escaping through a cart… and Alice along with Wei are waiting for them. However, before Wei takes out Misaki and Saitou, he betrays Alice first, killing her with a handprint of blood. Saitou then gets blood on his clothes, and as they prepare for Wei to kill them… Hei crashes through the window, preventing Wei from using his power. Not only that, but he manages to knock Wei down into some blood, and promptly electrocutes him, retrieving the crystal from from earlier. It turns out that the blood on Hei’s mask was his own, showing that he was the faster of the two. Just as Hei is about to leave, Misaki tells him to stop… and he only pauses before vanishing. Back with the rest of the group, the report is that Wei’s body vanished from the morgue, so he’s quite possibly still out there.

Mai-Otome 17- Quite a bit of betrayal in this episode… with the attack launched by the modified castle, the otomes are to get everyone to safety, with Arika and Nina escorting Mashiro. They escape into the city, where the Schwartz have taken over and are looking for the queen. One of the citizens sees the group, and immediately alerts Schwartz of this, forcing them to escape into the sewers. Meanwhile, Aswald has come to Garderobe, and are immediately met by Shizuru and Natsuki, who refuse to let them into the Academy. Back with Arika, they go through the sewers, and hear other footsteps. Sergay suddenly appears, pointing a gun at the group, and then fires two shots… though he took out the ones who were following them. Sergay tells Nina to go and find Nagi, and for Arika and the queen to follow him. Back at the Academy, Aswald, Shizuru and Natsuki battle, though the battle quickly ends when the Pillars that support to Otome robes collapses, and Aswald’s own power supply breaks, causing them all to be powerless. Then the Slaves of Schwartz come along, and take all captive. Meanwhile, Arika’s group has managed to escape, only to be met by an agent of Schwartz. He asks if Sergay is betraying Nagi, and Sergay says he’s still on Nagi’s side… then he has Arika use the power of the Blue Sky Sapphire to defend the group, and Schwartz plays its own trump card: Erstien is shown to have a black crystal, and is forced to use to summon a Slave. As it turns out, her family has been in the service of the Schwartz for generations, so she had no choice. She simply asks that Arika hands over Mahsro, as she cries since she didn’t want to do this. And to make matters for interesting, Nagi and Nina have shown up as well… then Erstein attacks Arika, and Sergay pushes her out of the way. At that point, the handkerchief of Arika’s supporters falls out, revealing that Sergay has been her supporter this entire time. Nina freaks out, and Nagi summons the power of the Ultimate Black Diamond, and Nina is now able to match Arika, and her feelings of jealousy take control as she attacks Arika. Erstein jumps in the way, and Nina destroys her Slave, consequently killing Erstein in the process. Now that both girls have reasons to hate each other, they summons their weapons and clash in the skies, causing a major explosion that extends for quite a distance.

Murder Princess 1- Some sort of kingdom is under attack, with supernatural creatures taking out most, all to get the princess. The king himself is slowly dying after taking a wound, and the guards can only wait for the enemy to come into the room. However, they make sure to first get the princess out of the castle, putting a double in her place. Meanwhile, we see a female bounty hunter (I forget her name as well) with her two companions slicing away at the same type of creatures for a good workout, and she suddenly sees something rushing through the forest… back at the castle, the door has been broken down some sort of little girl with an attitude, and it turns out she’s an iron doll, and her fists can shoot out, and she takes down several of the guards, the scientist guy behind her giving the orders, and apparently he’d betrayed the king. Back in the forest, it turns out the thing the bounty hunter saw running at her was the princess escaping, she has a very powerful monster right behind her. The knock slam into each other, and fall off a cliff, and we see some sort of light blaze… turns out that the two have switched bodies, and after more or less understanding the situation, the “princess” gets her sword, and promptly destroys the monster. The real princess (in the other’s body, of course) asks that the bounty hunter helps free her castle. When they get to the castle, a fight ensues as the scientist has realized that the princess that was there was a fake, and has his dolls go and kill the “real” one… but since they’re facing a skilled bounty hunter in actuality, plus her companions, the dolls and other henchmen are defeated, and the scientist is also removed from the throne, and the bounty-hunter-in-princess’s-body now declares the kingdom to be hers, and we learn that because of this, she would earn the title of “Murder Princess”.

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June 18th, Newsletter #170
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