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 Newsletter 171, June 25

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PostSubject: Newsletter 171, June 25   Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:27 am

It is not often that anime reflects real life... but Lucky Star more than makes up for that. I think we can all relate to it in one way or another... (which is usually a BAD thing, especially on this episode)

Fate/Stay Night
Darker than Black
Lucky Star
Black cat
Murder Princess
Ranma ˝ S3

Fate/Stay Night 21- After running into the eight Servant and again experiencing his Noble Phantasm, we learn his real identity: Gilgamesh, King of Uruk. Still, they end up being on the receiving end of his attack, and both Shirou and Saber take heavy damage. However, Shirou isn’t willing to give Saber up to him, and Saber is actually moved by Shirou’s courage. Gilgamesh still has the upper hand, and decides to finish shirou off with one of his more powerful swords. To counter, shirou creates something else, and it seems to be a sheath (as Saber puts Excalibur in it), and are able to temporarily defeat him. With him out of the way, the two head home, and once again, Shirou tries to convince Saber to give up on the past and stay with him in the prsesnt, as he’s fallen in love with her… nad more or less gets the usual response. Afterwards, Shirou decides to head down to the church, and discovers its darker corners… and when he’s found out, Lancer appears and attacks him.

Darker than Black 11- Li’s mission this time is to retrieve an object called the Meteor Shard… only cath is, it’s within the Gate, and that area is a danger zone, especially for Contractors. Nonetheless, he manages to get in (via being employed as a janitor), and meets the contact within the Gate, and she herself doesn’t know much about the Shard. As Li continues to look around, he runs into a scientist who is just as interested in the real stars as Li is. The two quickly become friends, and Li is able to momentarily see the real stars through a telescope. Howevewr, someone else decides to check the telespoces, and a dead body turns out, which causes Li to be questioned. He makes it through, and then later a bunch of people are in a room where they’re shown the inside of the Gate… and Li starts spasming when he sees an image of a young girl (probably his sister), as everyone else sees a source of energy…

Mai-Otome 18- In the aftermath of the Arika-Nina confrontation, Mashiro went missing, and since the news of Arika being the true queen was never made public, Mashiro is believed to still be queen. However, that is far from a good thing, since everyone is now after her, though no one seems to know where she is. We also see that now Nina is with Nagi, taking care of Sergay, and things seem to be going peacefully… until Sergay mentions the recent incident, and Nina exits the room quickly. As for Mashiro, it turns out she’s among the many refugees, and even manages to make a friend. But being among the refugees, she learns a harsh truth: because she was such a selfish brat, many of the refugees hate her, and she’s lucky that no one recognizes in her current clothes. Thus, she slowly learns of the refugee life, and begins to reflect on all the hardships she never knew she caused. Things take a dark turn though, when one of her handmaids is found, and is severely questioned for where Mashiro is. Mashiro goes into the crowd, and sees the handmaid being beaten… and as she’s being questioned, the handmaid sees Mashiro in the crowd. In one final act of loyalty, as she sees Mashiro’s crying face, she defies the crowd one last time, before throwing herself off the cliff… which causes the refugees to say she got off too easy, and Mahiro herself flees. We later see her wandering (and then collapsing) in the desert, and we get a quick glimpse of where Arika is, who appears to be with a family, doing some chores.

Lucky Star 12- A flashback for those who went to AnimeCentral, as the first half of this episode was about… Comiket! For those who don’t know, it’s a huge (and I mean HUGE) gathering of otaku to buy, sell and swap their manga creations, and things get very crazy and hectic. Konata has managed to drag the twins to it, and Tsukasa gets her first taste of the horror that this convention is (huge crowds and waiting lines), as Kagami goes into what will be described here as the “forbidden world” (making her blush huge time). And Konata, of course, is used to it all, having gone with her dad when she was five… once they manage to survive that disaster, the girls celebrat New Yars and all the festivities and traditions that go with it, before slacking off ahgain on their schoolwork.

Black cat 8- With the Tao on the move, it seems that two of their members have released some criminals, and given them the special drink. Chronos is trying to hunt down the Tao, and Rinslet gets pulled into th investigation. Train, Sven and Eve are looking for some bounties, and Train and Eve decide to compete over who gets their next target first. They also bump into Rinslet, and she ends up filling them in on the Tao’s movement, especially since their target is one of those who were freed. Their target, on the other hand, was being a peaceful gardener… until two of Taoists came along, and offered him the drink. After getting the info on him, it turns out that Eve has already Left… and the others go in hot pursuit. As it turns out, the drink gave their target the ability to control plants, and Eve has found herself in a bind… quite literally. The gardener has rendered her completely helpless, and is also about to finish her off… leave it to Train to show up in the nick of time and get her freed (as Sven and Rinslet lose their way a few times). Train has some difficulty with the gardener as well, but after a distraction from Sven, plus a hole in his body where the fluid starts leaking out, the gardener is taken down… or more accurately, mutates into a tree.

Murder Princess 2- The actual princess has decided to slip into the role of a handmaid, believing that the bounty hunter will be able to handle her enemies far better. Of course, our bounty hunter soon learn that there’s a price to pay for being the princess- namely, all the etiquette that is required of being a princess. As she goes about learning the ways of being a princess, her companions worry about something- iron dolls and the weapons they used are of the Old World, something that should’ve lost or at least kept hidden. The bounty hunter (I keep forgetting everyone’s names in this…) manages to survive being a princess, and the real one asks that she keeps doing this, especially since she still needs to defend the kingdom. Things take a twist when the two are out in a parade, and the scientist (who is still around, along with his dolls), decides to use a giant beast to wipe out the princess this time. One of the bounty hinter’s companions takes off after the scientist to see if he can’t get info from him, as the bounty hunter takes on the beast. However, even she is having trouble with it, and the scientist and his dolls managed to slip away as well. Eventually though, the bounty hunter is able to start beating the beast… problem is, she goes into some sort of battle rage, and after taking out the beast, almost takes out a civilian… noly the princess-turned-handmaid is able to stop her, and tells her it’s alright. At the end of the day, after all the events, the two companions of the bounty hunter are eating with the advisor… and they want to know what he knows about the Old World weapons.

Ranma ˝ S3 10- A ghost is on school premises, and it’s attacking various people. Ukyo ends up drafting Ranma and Akane into taking out the ghost, and with a little persuasion, Genma and Soun also find themselves in the ghost hunt, and just by mentioning there’ll be girls along brings Happosai in as well. So with the group formed, the ghost is hunted down… however, this proves to be extremely dangerous, as the ghost starts taking out the members of the group, one team at a time. When Alane, Ranma and Ukyo run into it, they findout that its also very fast in addition to being powerful… even managing to cleanly slice Ukyo’s spatula. When Sasuke ends up arriving on scene, we learn the truth behind things: that Kuno is the supposed gjost, and is actually possessed by a ghost within an ancient sword. However, the possessed Kuno is far stronger than the regular one. But his defeat comes when the sprit possessing him sees his wife/lover in Akane… which provides a momentary distraction that allows the sword and Kuno to be separated, and he returns to his old self. It also seems that Kuno is quite the fan of antiques, as sasuke finds a bunchin the kendo club’s attic.

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Newsletter 171, June 25
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