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 Newsletter #173, July 9th

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PostSubject: Newsletter #173, July 9th   Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:52 pm

Dammit, I just can't break my habit of summaries instead of only describing a show in a line or two... I blame the author in me. (But I will do a newsletter that only uses one or two lines per show yet...). Anyways...

Lucky Star
Darker than Black
Black Cat
Fate/Stay Night
Murder Princess

Mai-Otome 21- Nagi ends up seeing something very interesting in some old photos that include Nina, and otherwise is continuing the development of the Valkyries. Meanwhile, back at Aswald village, the citizens deal with the injured, and at Mashiro’s request, end up taking in the refugees from Winbloom City. As the leader gives directions, Mashiro finally sees how a leader should truly behave, and swears she will take responsibility for the refugees. This lesson is hammered home when one of the refugees, who she had more or less grown close to, dies after injuries. And Sergay, in the meantime, has led a group of Valkyries out near where the village is.

Lucky Star 15- The group goes to a LIVE (i.e. concert), and Konata has the disadvantage of being short… afterwards, a festival is underway with the blooming of cherry blossoms. However, being around March/April, this also means the season where everyone gets sick is also in full gear. And Being around April, it also means April Fool’s day, as pretty much everyone gets pranked by their friends. On a side note, for those who don’t know, the school year in Japan actually begins in April. And since it’s that time, it means that the girls are getting their new homeroom assignments, and once again, all but Kagami are in the same class, and she’s back with her friends anyways. Alos, Yutaka, still being new to the school, asks Konata for directions o the nurse’s… and she doesn’t know where it is either (turns out they’re standing right next to it). And to finish things off, with Konata being an otaku, this means she’s usually asleep in class…

Darker than Black 14- With Yin having been taken by her old piano mentor in order to return home, we end up seeing the full story of her past: after her father died in a plane crash, her mother started to get close to the mentor out of grief. Kirsi saw this and started to run away; just before she was hit by a truck, her mother pushed her out of the way and was killed instead. Back in the present, a shelter has been found by the two: some sort of old schoolbuilding, where Yin finds a piano and starts playing. Hei has followed her (and KO’ed the idiot detective in the process), as Yin is confirmed as his partner; the reunion doesn’t last long as their pursuers catch up. Hei has some difficulty against the woman, but she lets her guard down long enough to be killed; the old man of the group (Huang) snipes her partner. Later on, Huang is told that Yin will go back for re-programming, but he tells the contact all is good. We see a quick flashback, and as Yin’s mentor tries to convince her to go home with him, she affirms that she’s Hei’s partner, and Hei erases the mentor’s memory.

Black Cat 11- In a nearby town, someone has been masquerading as Black Cat, taking the targets that Sven had his eye on. This, in turn, has earned him quite a lot… though he’s really a fat good-for-nothing. Train has heard about this, but doesn’t really give a damn. It turns out that by either merely hearing the name Black Cat or seeing the tattoo has managed to keep the imposter’s bluff from being called, though at one point, when Eve meets up with him, she does have to bail him out. Problems arise when Durham, the gunman of Creed’s group is purposely searching for Black Cat, in order to take him out and be the only gunman Creed needs (is it just me, or are there some yaoi undertones in this series? Please let it just be me). Upon finding the fake, he attacks, as the imposter at least tries to defend Eve against this guy (when it should be the other way around), but before Durham gets a shot in, Train is on scene, and Durham changes targets. At first, he seems to have the upper hand… until Train gets serious with his skill, and then Durham remember’s Creed’s words: Train is on a completely different level, as Durham turns out to be no match. In the end, the imposter is riding his motorcycle along with the gang, wanting to be Train’s apprentice… Train at most lets him keeping using the name Black Cat.

Fate/Stay Night 24- The final battle comes to and end, with Kirie vs. Shirou and Saber vs. Gilgamesh. Previously, Kirie and Gilgamesh seemed to have the upper hand, but after Shirou is first able to break out of Kirie’s curse (twice at that), and then Saber realizes she’s connected to Shirou as he is to her, she’s able to unleash an attack upon Gilgamesh that finally destroys him, as Shirou is able to break through Kirie’s defenses and stab him with the dagger Rin gave him. With those two out of the way, destroying the Grail is the only thing left. Before he gives the order, Shirou first reflects on his time spent with Saber as well as his love for her, before he’s able to come to terms with himself and orders Saber to destroy it. One final scene happens between the two, as Saber finally admits to loving shirou before she disappears into the sunlight. Some time has passed, and Shirou has gone back to a normal life (well, as normal as having Ilya, Taiga and Sakura under one roof can be), and even tells Rin that even though he’ll certainly miss Saber, he has no regrets, knowing they had that brief period of time together. Back with Saber in her original time, she has taken a wound and is slowly dying, and asks a servant of hers to throw Excalibur into the lake. After that is done, Saber says she won’t be waking up from her next dream as she’s told to continue her dream.

Murder Princess 5- As the group is pursued, they manage to find refuge with a traveling gypsy. As they sit at the campfire, we learn the truth of the world and the Lost Technology. Basically, technology became extremely advanced, and this ended up destroying the world. The two companions of Falis are remnants from that time, and things were slowly built back up by the few humans who also survived. More specifically, Alita’s family was among them, and they buried the secret of the Technology, called teoria, deep in their small kingdom, and made it so only the females of the bloodline could access the power. Unfortunately, after this explanation, Kaito and his group have managed to find them. The two cyborgs will hold off most of the attackers, and we get to see their true power… and we find out the “sorceress” is also merely a cyborg, though a very powerful one at that. Just when kaito has the chance to make his plans work, upon running into Alita in Falis’s body, he has a breakdown, and retreats for the time being, and the group continues their escape into the next country.

Claymore 23- Clare continues a fierce battle against Regaldo as raki finally makes it to Pieta, where another of the Claymores immediately drags him out of the way. Raki is seeing Clare tap into all the yoma power, and wants to stop her before she ends up like Priscilla, but is told if he goes out there, he’ll get himself killed… naturally, he goes out, though he doesn’t interfere. Meanwhile Regaldo, even with only one arm, is still managing to hold his own, especially since he’s now as much into the battle as Clare is. Of course, Clare is still determined to beat him, and keeps powering up more and more (very much like a series which will not be named). Regaldo, in his arrogance, keeps thinking he’s got her, but in the end, Clare manages to come out on top as she finally slices him to pieces. Now the only problem other than raki is that Priscilla and Isley are on their way to Pieta.

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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter #173, July 9th   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:40 pm

maybe you could write the whole thing but put only the important parts in bold?


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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter #173, July 9th   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:19 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter #173, July 9th   

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Newsletter #173, July 9th
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