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 July 16th, Newsletter 174

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PostSubject: July 16th, Newsletter 174   Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:50 pm

I'm not sure who's worse: Dave who fails to watch his DVD's, or Steve who fails to check if his DVD's are in their cases... (I think Dave still wins that one)

Darker than Black
Black Cat
Lucky Star
Murder Princess

Darker than Black 15- A few mysterious individuals come to town, and it seems that MI6 knows who at least one of them is. The only problem: the one who discovers them also gets quickly attacked. And to make things even better, with their arrival the HQs of international relations bureaus end up getting bombed. The one who seems to be behind the bombings, as MI6 knows her, is February, but better known as Amber to Hei’s group. Apparently she betrayed both groups and had something to do with the disappearance of the Gate in South America. Anyways, both sides are now searching for her; November 11 tracks her companion but runs into a trap as Amber herself visits Yin, with apparently a message for Hei (we also see that Amber used to be quite close to Hei and his sister).

Black Cat 12- The trio of Chronos known as Cerberus decide to pay a little visit to the HQ of Chronos. The only problem is that Train decided to get info out of Durham on Creed’s whereabouts as well. After making quite the entrance, Cerberus must first deal with Creed’s underlings, while Train himself goes straight for the target (all while Creed is trying to be a poet and express how he wants to meet up with Train…). In the end, two of Cerberus’s members still get overwhelmed (though not without dealing damage themselves), as Train and Creed once again face off. The other problem is that Rinslet and Sven, who were chasing after Train, managed to get themselves captured, and Creed demands Train shoots him in order to free them. After some build-up of Creed taunting Train, Train shoots, but purposely misses… and fortunately for him, the rest of the castle crumbles, giving Train the time to escape from Creed and free the other two.

Lucky Star 16- Things start off with talking about Miyuki’s everyday life, and we see she is definitely on the ditzy side… but her mother is worse. Konata summarizes it the best: “you are your mother’s daughter”. After more insight into Miyuki’s life, things switch to Konata asking the others to go and buy a game for her, since the café where she works is putting on a big show… and this show turns out to be none other than a complete parody of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! Things finish off with Kagami chatting with a couple of her classmates, and finds out that they’re very similar to Konata and Tsukasa…

Mai-Otome 22- Sergay’s unit has come to the Aswald village with a simple demand: for Mashiro and Arika to be handed over. Not wanting to cause trouble for the village, the two agree to meet with Sergay in a designated location. The only problem is, since Arika nor Mashiro have no intention of going with Sergay to Nagi, he’s forced to use the Valkyries against Arika. Arika ends up fighting a losing battling, and things only get worse when Mashiro gets kidnapped. Sergay says there’s no more need to fight, but since psycho-bitch was made a Valkyrie, she refuses to stop until Arika is dead. The Valkyries unleash a powerful attack and Arikas is in deep trouble… until Miyu shows up from nowhere and deals with the Valkyries herself. Things keep going downhill though, as Nagi leads Nina to the ancient but powerful device beneath the castle, and tells her it’ll take her where she wants to be most… with Sergay, of course. The only problem: Sergey pointed his weapon at Miyu, and she attacked him. Nina sees a heavily injured Sergay, and seeing Arika there, instantly blames it on her… causing her to summon a literally tornado of power which everyone is dragged into.

Murder Princess 6- In order to make sure Teoria doesn’t get unleashed, Falis (in Alita’s body, of course) decides to attack the castle… only to run into the sorceress-relic, and finds herself on the losing side. With her defeat, the sorceress uses her body to open the door to Teoria. The rest of the gang quickly cathes up, but now has a problem: the princess’s body is on the altar, and the sorceress is about to activate Teoria. Milano questions her brother on why he wants to use its power to destroy the world. Answer: Villain Reason #2- Destroy all human life for its own good, since they cause nothing but war. However, before Teoria can actually be activated, Alita wakes up and proceeds to fight the sorceress, and finally manages to defeat her. The only problem: Kaito has now gone and activated Teoria. Him and Alita battle, and he seems to be winning, only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and is saved only by Milano pleading for his life to be spared, and that seems to wake up the good guy i8n him. Still Teoria is active, and there seems to be no way to stop in… but the old man reveals that it can be stopped, but for a price: all those made with the power of Teoria will vanish. Alita seems unable to bring herself to do it, but after much pushing from her companions, she bids farewell to them as Teoria is deactivated and the world saved… and also the chance to switch bodies back in gone. With things back to “peace”, we learn that because of the Princess’s ways, she would become known as the Murder Princess.

Claymore 24- Regaldo may have been defeated, but it came at a high price: Clare is unable to revert back to being human, and asks her fellow Claymores to kill her before she loses her human mind. They plead with Clare to keep trying, and things seem hopeless (and Raki of course is cowering elsewhere). Not only that, but Priscilla is wandering among some ruins, and after seeing bodies attacked by yoma, she ends up getting her memory back, as well as reverting to her Yoma form. To make matters even better, they sense each other now (though Priscilla mistakes Clare as Teresa), and Clare wants revenge on her, while Priscilla still has the mindframe from the time she killed Teresa, and will kill her again… so Clare immediately takes off to find her. The other Claymore give chase, only to be stopped by Galatea, warning them of what lies ahead. And Raki… well, he finally grew a set and tells two more Claymores that he’s going as well.

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PostSubject: Re: July 16th, Newsletter 174   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:57 pm

Quote :
I'm not sure who's worse: Dave who fails to watch his DVD's, or Steve who fails to check if his DVD's are in their cases... (I think Dave still wins that one)

if that's all the info i have to judge by..
then I'd say Steve is worse..
at least Dave can go back and watch whatever whereas Steve waisted money
and it's a much bigger hassle to go and return those dvds then it is to just watch them
even considering how much Dave hasn't watched of his collection
money is money


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PostSubject: Re: July 16th, Newsletter 174   Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:48 am

I failed to include the context-

Steve was giving away a bunch of DVD's; however, he failed to check if he'd put the DVD's into a few cases... such as the vol.2 of the original Hellsing series that I got screwed on (fortunately, it was a clone, so I can get it from you-know-who)
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PostSubject: Re: July 16th, Newsletter 174   

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July 16th, Newsletter 174
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