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 Newsletter #177, August 13th

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PostSubject: Newsletter #177, August 13th   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:09 pm

Note- this is probably one of, if not the shortest newsletter I've ever written. Though I didn't get it as perfect as I wanted, most of the shows don't have the detail I usually put in, and expect to see a link here tomorrow to the blog I finally created for the full summaries, for those who are interested.

Darker than Black
Lucky Star
Mai-Otome x2
Black Cat
Pumpkin Scissors
Kaze no Stigma

Darker than Black 18- Now that Kenji, the younger brother of the Yakuza boss, has gotten his hands on the Doll, he has no intentions of letting her become just another piece of merchandise. And in a turn of events, Hei goes against orders in order to help him… and with some help from both Dolls, Hei is able to get to Kenji, and in the end, the Doll and Kenji escape (and the Doll even manages to smile). Though we never do find out what’s in that big box that Hei gets in the end…

Lucky Star 19- Again, the random jumping around with everyday life. Highlights include: Konata and her dad discussing Gun**m, Yutaka going to find out the hard way that her relatives are useless when it comes to studying, Konata again going on about Miyuki being moe, and then the doujin artist classmate of Yutaka’s keeps going crazy as she sees so much source material in life but must keep her thoughts hidden…

Mai-Otome 25 + 26- The final battle as Nagi and Artai face off Winbloom and the Otomes.To make a long story short (you can read about the long story in the blog), Arika and Nina end up facing off as Nagi watches his forces crumble, not losing face until he finds that even Nina, his trump card, finally falls… then he panics. The Harmonium gets destroyed, Nagi is put in the Chain Gang (and Mikoto keeps him there), and Mashiro is able to rebuild the castle, with even the flower, as peace returns. Until the OVA’s, of course…

Black Cat 15- The Apostles keep up their attacks on the city, while Chronos realizes it has a problem: there are a few too many loose ends, including Black Cat (better known as Train), and of course Creed. Sephiria, Number One of Chronos, intends to at least get rid of Black Cat. We also see that a new Number 10 gets inducted. As Sephiria faces Train, he reveals that he has no intentions of going back to Chronos, being killed or giving back Hades. Also, Charden shows up on scene, intending to eliminate Sephiria as he goes rogue from the Apostles. Train ends up having to save him from Sephiria, and she and train eventually come to shaky terms, as she gives him a bullet to eliminate Creed with.

Pumpkin Scissors 3- This time around, Alica and Section 3 are assigned to a village where a train tunnel has collapsed, and they’re to use the villagers to help rebuild the tunnel.. There’s one catch: years ago, when the tunnel was first built, the villagers were betrayed by the army, and the head villager has no intention of letting the past be repeated. Of course, it also doesn’t help that because Alice comes from a noble family, and in the morning she put herself into the mindset of “I must eat like a commoner” due to a family argument, and she starts taking that to the extreme (as her crew keeps pushing her to eat, and she refuses…). Things change though, when the son of the head villager tries to help out Alice’s squad by operating the train, and causes the tunnel to collapse even more, forcing Alice to go in after the boy, and his father follows… as the tunnel slowly but surely keeps collapsing. Fortunately, Randal and the others are able to give a hand, and work is finally started as the villagers have had a change of heart.

Kaze no Stigma 2- With Kazuma back in town and the scars of the past still fresh, though he didn’t pick the fight with the Kannagi’s, he also refuses to go to them to clear his name. This means that someone has to step up to the plate again… and leave it to his father, who originally disowned him, to try to bring him back by force. When this fails, Kazuma’s younger brother Ren tries to persuade Kazuma instead, and that doesn’t work either… but it seems Kazuma still has a very weak spot for Ren. Then leave it to the ones trying to frame Kazuma to not only slice the hotel where he’s staying in half, but to also distract Kazuma long enough to kidnap Ren… and of course Ayano is still trying to chase down Kazuma.

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Newsletter #177, August 13th
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