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 Newsletter 179, August 27th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 179, August 27th   Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:35 am

Note- There will not be a newsletter for the upcoming meeting, since yours truly (along with Dave and Ryan) will be at another meeting while the club goes on

Kaze no Stigma
Lucky Star
Black cat
Mai-Otome Zwei
Darker than Black
Pumpkin Scissors

Kaze no Stigma 4- The Fuga clan has managed to release their “God”, and that means quite a lot of trouble for Ayano and Kazuma, who now have to deal with the fact that Ryuya has let the dark power take over his body… and Ren in the mean time takes care of some loose dark spirits. However, as Ayano and Kazuma fight Ryuya, Ayano has great difficulty against him, especially once she manages to take out his human form and he completely become a beast who just won’t die. Leave it to Kazuma to finally show his true abilities as a Contractor to take care of the dark healing energies, which finally allows Ayano to deal a finishing blow (and after questioning Kazuma, she lands in a very provocative position…)

Lucky Star 21- The topics this time: the girls first talk about how the school has changed uniforms (leave it to Tsukasa to get things mixed up), how Konata spent her summer, Tsukasa still finds herself unable to study… and the majority of the rest of the episode dealt with the class trip to Kyoto and all the sightseeing down there (along with Kagami getting her hopes up too high)

Black Cat 17- With Train having taken off on his own again to find Creed, things don’t help that the gang is near a valley of mist, where demons are said to roam. Naturally, Train wanders in, and at first sees images of Saya… and later finds himself waking up in a valley, being taken care of by a girl who looks identical to Saya. Things get strange when Train notices this girl is the only one around in a large valley, though she mentions others… and on top of that, the valley is like a fortress, with all sorts of traps. So even though Train seems to be able to relax for a while as he is under the girl’s care, as we soon find out, she’s actually fighting against others, and we learn why: her people had the power to see the future, and it was prophesized that the newborn king of their nation would bring disaster. The girl is the only one left of those who took the king and fled in order to save him, and she will continue the fight to keep him alive… and after Train seems to run in a dream, he finds himself coming out of a forest, to be met with up with by the others.

Mai-Otome Zwei 2- Yukino, president of Arties, is running for re-election, and faces several problems. One is her opponent, two is the fact that she can’t keep Haruka, her otome, under control. And three is that those who still support Nagi have taken a bus hostage and demand his freedom. Not only that, but Arika, searching for Mashiro, also happens to be on said bus. So, after some failed attempts by Haruka, the running opponent (who gets coup’d by Tomoe), Yukino is able to get another Meister involved… and this is where things turn dark, as the one who’s been petrifying the Otomes shows up again, and only the girl losing her power at the last moment saves her. Haruka, on the other hand, who was in Otome mode in order to deal with the bus jackers, doesn’t share the same fortune, and is turned to stone in front of Yukino and Arika’s eyes… and things only get worse when it seems the identity of the being in the Predecessor herself. When Natsuki and Arika go to see Nagi and inform him about the failure, he is rather indifferent, saying that prison life isn’t half bad… and then he reveals that he knows a bit about the twisted Predecessor, and more info can be found in Arutai’s library... and Nina arrives in Arutai herself, meeting some old friends.

Darker than Black 20- Huang is able to get Shioko out of the Cult’s hands, and takes her to a basement, where his orders are to kill her. Along the way, he learns some interesting info… that his partner Isozaki was actually a spy from another organization, and things were confirmeds when the photo they found never went where it was supposed to. Meanwhile, Hei encounters some difficulty as he goes after Alma, and learns the one true difference between Contractors and humans: it all lies in how the two think. After Alma’s price takes her life, Hei heads back to where Huang is, and we learn more info: Shioko’s price is to regain all her human emotions after she kills, and it turns out that back in the day, she really did love Huang and may have wanted to marry him… and that after the incident, she was the one who made sure he kept his memories. Because Shioko must die, Huang asks Hei to kill him as well… but Hei takes Option C: get them all out and far away. The only problem: as they Run, Shioko goes and throws herself in front of a truck, and it turns out that the Syndicate was onto her and Huang, and she at least wanted Huang to live on.

Pumpkin Scissors 5- After having taken some brutal damage, Randal is in the hospital, and Alice is not very happy about this, even saying that she won’t come and visit him again. Meanwhile, her lackey Mortis is continuing to investigate Randal, and learns in an embarrassing way that he should keep his nose out of things. Meanwhile, Randal becomes acquaintances with his roommate (as the nurse tries to take a urine sample and fails), and his roommate is to ring a bell if Randal tries to escape the hospital. Elsewhere, the other lackey of Alice’s is trying to find out some very interesting information himself, uses his flirting skills to finally hit the jackpot. Back to Randal, the nurse runs in after she hears the bell, but finds that the other guy has instead vanished… and it tuns out that he’s on the roof, ready to jump, all because he was fired from his job for simply taking a week off for medical treatment, after having given 26 years of his life to the job. However, Randal manages to talk him out of it in the end, saying that if he can learn to live on after being a monster in the war, then this guy can live on too, and perhaps find something that needs him as well. And things end as the nurse is very determined to get a urine sample (the hard way), and fails yet again in a very painful for Randal manner…

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Newsletter 179, August 27th
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