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 Newsletter 180, September 9th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 180, September 9th   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:58 pm

Darker than Black
Lucky Star
Black Cat
Gunslinger Girl II
Pumpkin Scissors
Kaze no Stigma

Darker than Black 22- With Mao now taken into enemy territory, as well as a scientist working at the Gate, things get interesting as Amber decides to share a little more info about what exactly happened five years ago at the other Gate. Hei, in the mean time, decides to go and infiltrate where they all are, despite Mao saying that Contractors think rationally. The blackout he also causes in the building catches the attention of the police… and Hei also finds that Amber is there, and immediately goes after her. When he does manage to catch her (and Kirihara is also there), a blue glow goes off… and then Amber vanishes, and with a little help from April, Hei manages to vanish before Kirihara gets him. In the end, a prediction of Smber’s happens, as November 11 sided with Amber long enough to get himself killed (though he took out his boss as well), and Mao reveals the truth of the Syndicate, as given by Amber: they intend to wipe out all Contractors… and Hei still doesn’t believe that he can trust Amber.

Lucky Star 23- This time: Konata’s computer is a very dangerous thing for anyone else, Yutaka has a cold and gets visits from her classmates… which causes the resident doujin artist to once again go crazy with her fantasies. Also, we see that Miyuki has to go to the dentist again, and the nightmares that ensue… other things to note are Patty has been taught about the “culture” of Japan by Konata… so you can guess what she really learned. And in the end, Minami goes through quite a bit of embarrassment as Miyuki and her mother sing praises about her, saying she such a good girl… though it seems Minami knows she’s really not. And towards the end, the stuff about a flat-chested girl wanting bigger boobs comes into play…

Black Cat 19- The Numbers, along with Train and other allies of his all storm the island where Creed is. Most of the episode concentrates on the battle of Eve and Leon, during which Leon seems to have the upper hand for most of the time, but after unleashing their strongest attacks and defenses, Eve just barely manages to win, telling Leon that his friends aren’t here, but elsewhere… and it turns out that all of Leon’s ideas about Creed were nothing but lies, as Creed himself awaits Train (while the rest of his troops get taken out by everyone else).

Gunslinger Girl II 1- A re-introduction to all the characters from the first season, as they have to deal with riots and terrorists in Rome… and the lesson learned: don’t underestimate the girls, since they’ll always have the upper hand. In the end: mission accomplished.

Pumpkin Scissors 7- Alice, being from a Noble family, naturally has a fiancé… and while she must accompany him on a date, the rest of Section 3 receives an anonymous tip about a certain earl/count (can’t remember which), who has apparently been withholding foods supplies from the people, and it turns out he’s a bit on the deranged side, though with some help from Alice in the end, Section 3 is able to take him into custody… and then Alice’s true fiancé arrives, turning out to be the man who provided the tip (think bishounen who could be every girl’s dream)

Kaze no Stigma 5- Misao wants revenge against Kazuma for killing her brothers… as Ayano flares with jealousy (though she won’t admit it), from watching Kazuma with an older woman, to him actually taking Misao on a date. The date naturally turns out to be a trap, one which Kazuma easily handles, and Misao can’t comprehend that she has no chance at all against Kazuma. Ayano decides to later confront Misao herself, and Kazuma interferes… telling Misao to come after him anytime, as it’s between him and her… and she’ll never be able to defeat him the way she is. Then she ends up meeting someone who seems to have very dark intentions, but appeals greatly to Misao, and that’s when the real trouble begins.

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Newsletter 180, September 9th
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