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 September 16th, Newsletter 181

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PostSubject: September 16th, Newsletter 181   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:48 pm

Kaze no Stigma
Gunslinger Girl II
Black Cat
Lucky Star
Pumpkin Scissors
Darker than Black
Glass Fleet

Kaze no Stigma 6- More murders occur as Misao continues to use her newfound power to collect the energy of people and make it her own. Meanwhile, Kazuma has pulled out of working with the Kannagi’s, in order to settle this on his own. The only problem: the Kannagi family views taking care of Misao as their own problem to deal with, and therefore all of those directly realted to Misao intend to take her out… except that they don’t want to deal with Kazuma interfering. Ayano works with the police, and comes to the decision that she must face Kazuma, despite her earlier defeat, if this is to work. As the rest of those involved with Misao go to face her at a church, she comes out to greet, and then Kazuma himself shows up…

Gunslinger Girl II 2- Taking a detour from the usual group, this episode revolves around a boy named Pinocchio, who is apparently some sort of hitman. After seeing a bit into his past and how he came to be a killer, he works with two other terrorists to build up a plan of bombing a rather large bridge… and it seems that the Welfare Agency has also gotten word of this plot.

Black cat 20- Sephiria has made it up to where Creed is, and goes to execute him… and finds that Creed is one hell of a bastard to kill, apparently able to regenerate any wounds taken… not even Sephiria’s strongest technique is able to take him out. Then enter Train, and things go up a notch, as both Creed and train are apparently on the same level… though Creed has now changed his mind and intends to kill Train. After Train takes much damage (and Creed becomes even more psychotic/gay), Creed goes into his ultimate “form” to erase Train… and that’s when Train pulls out the Orichalcum bullet, and destroys Creed’s blade, which in turn completely immobilizes Creed. Creed asks for death, since he no longer has all his great abilities (since Eve removes nanomachines within Creed), and train says this is his punishment: to live as a human. As Creed is taken away by Echinda, he questions her to why she let them do this… and her answer: so that Creed could be back within her reach. So, with Creed taken care of, and the other sweepers having taken care of all other business, everything seems well… until several of the Chronos numbers arrive, and announce their betrayal to Sephiria.

Lucky Star 24- The Final Episode… and the simplest way to put it is this: the school festival has come, and the various classes are trying to put together their attractions. One class does a haunted house, and leave it to Patty to drag several of the girls into doing a cheerleading skit to open the festival... and after going through all the preparation (in which the girls dance to the OP), things finish off with the girls getting ready to do the dance but are extremely nervous… until Minoru’s cell phone interrupts him, causing the girls to laugh and relax… and the episode ends as the curtain opens.

Pumpkin Scissors 8- This time, Section three has to deliver a vaccine of sorts to a village within a snowy mountain. The only problem: they must slip past the bandits in the area, as well as fight off the problems that being trapped in a snowstorm with next to no provisions causes. So after dealing with the problem of heat and food, the group decides to go for it, taking out a bandit and sledding past them as fast as possible to get to the village and deliver the serum.

Darker than Black 23- Everyone is going on about the rel starts showing up, and therefore our detective and pinky are hired to find out as many stories about the original starts as possible. And for most of the episode, Misaki and Hei end up spending quite a bit of time with each other in order to simply relax from all that’s going on… then Evening Primrose makes its move, as the Syndicate decides to erase his group. Fortunately, Amber still has quite a bit of use for Hei, and therefore sends Wei to make sure Hei gets to the Gate. And in the beginning of the episode, we see into hei’s past, apparently before he was a Contractor but still feared as the Black Reaper, and his sister Pai seemed to be a Contractor… and these two were in a group with Amber, who all wanted to get away from the assassin business.

Glass Fleet 1- Essentially a space Opera. To put it simply, the nobles with the big and fancy spaceships seem to be gaining in power, but one commander by the name of Michel decides to interrupt the part and fight for the people, destroying a wedding ceremony with her own fleet, and having all the people rebel. Things seem to be going well until a new ship from the Empire arrives on scene, and starts overwhelming Michel, and after being damaged due to an electrical storm, Michel sees no option but to surrender to the pompous Empire commander… until another ship arrives on scene, attacking the Empire’s ship.

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September 16th, Newsletter 181
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