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 October 21st, Newsletter 185

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PostSubject: October 21st, Newsletter 185   Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:43 pm

Talk about having an extreme case of LBS...

Tsukikage Ran
Gunslinger Girl II
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Glass Fleet
Kaze no Stigma
Pumpkin Scissors
Ghost Stories

Ran 4- Lady Meow ends up getting her hands on some gold, and decides to take full advantage of it… the only problem: she took it from an offering box, and her plus Ran and a couple others have to work for the owner in order to pay off the debt. However, the other two work for a bandit gang who’re after a map that one of their own hid (and said person was also killed), one that Ran got along with the gold. The gang is informed of where the map is, and they make a raid on the restaurant… but leave it to Ran and Meow to take care of them, and set the other two down a straight path.

Gunslinger Girl II 6- After Riko breaks the present Henrietta got, it’s taken to a person who still fixes those things. However, said person also happens to be an expert at making bombs, and the terrorist faction is trying to recruit him back into their ranks. Meanwhile, the Agency has to deal with the fact that said terrorists are now trying to kidnap a chairwoman, and are therefore hired as body guards… the terrorists are dealt with, and the bomber decides not to join, instead setting off for another city to start another life.

Kenichi 3- Though he managed to take down the karate guy, Kenichi has now attracted the attention of those even stronger, and he therefore realizes he needs to train some more. However, he doesn’t actually learn any fighting moves from the masters… just a lot of strength building, and therefore ends up giving in to the one who wanted to fight him next, though he does give the guy one hell of a bruise on his ankle.

Glass Fleet 6- Due to a very crafty subordinate of the Emperor, Michel ends up getting captured after the crew lets the newcomers on board… and Michel also finds a man who could be his/her long lost brother, even though he shows none of the signs Michel is familiar with…. until she gets captured later on. However, Cleo is not one to give up and ends up ramming his ship through the other, rescuing Michel (and soon after being rescued by Michel himself, as the brother is sucked away into the vacuum of space).

Kaze no Stigma 11- With Ayumi now being made ready for the Ceremony, and Mayumi also frozen, the butler (whose name I keep forgetting) has sacrificed himself to gain power to protect Mayumi… and Ren and Ayano are unable to beat this new form, and therefore leave it to Kazuma to come in and give them a hand. He also mentions that sacrifice is the way of that family, something Ren is determined to stop… he ends up returning the butler to his human form, and then Kazuma sens him on his way to Ayumi, as big sis shows up, and it’s learned her power comes from the demon sealed within… and she’s out to free it. Ren decides that the beast is the true enemy, and he also intends to defeat it without sacrificing anyone.

Pumpkin Scissors 13- An old friend of Alice’s comes to town… a young princess of a neighboring nation, to be specific. However, said princess also doesn’t like being watched over by her guardian, and ends up giving him the slip… and Martis finds himself playing bodyguard to her now, though he doesn’t believe she’s a princess. As Martis takes her around town, we learn that her family doesn’t hesitate to take every opportunity to try and off another member in order to try and get the throne, so she’s learned to trust no one and take advantage of situations. However, Martis is able to help her steer off this path, and find a much easier way to get power- by winning over others with friendship and trust, and even manages to kick some ass so save the princess from some thugs… just as Alice and the princess’s guardian arrive to take care of the rest. In the end, Martis finally does realize that he’s been carting around a princess, and as a reward, he gets a full-blown kiss from her… and later, the princess tells her guardian what she learned by spending the day with Martis (who is now probably a lolicon).

Ghost Stories 1- A new family arrives in town, and makes “friends” with the neighbor in a very unconventional way… the brother and sister head to school but their cat runs off into an old school building, and the two follow. They’re joined by their neighbor, his friend, and (at least in the dub) a very devout Christina girl… and discover the school is haunted. So, they have to first find their cat, which they manage to do after first dealing with some very pesky spirits, who guides them to a book that tells how to get rid of their biggest demon problem. Once that’s all taken care of, they find that time was somehow warped, so they actually all missed the first day of school…

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October 21st, Newsletter 185
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