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 Novermber 27th, Newsletter 189

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PostSubject: Novermber 27th, Newsletter 189   Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:24 am

This is up extremely late due to encountering some technical difficulties, which I'm still having problems with...

Glass Fleet
Ghost Stories
Gunslinger Girl II
Pumpkin Scissors
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Kaze no Stigma

Glass Fleet 11- As Vetti continues to try to seduce Rachael into the political marriage, we end up learning about how his past and the way he was raised was extremely sick, cruel and overall twisted. A brief summary: after being thrown out by his real parents, he was taken in, but not before having to make himself lower than dirt. Not only that, but even though his foster father educated him, it seems Vetti was also raped by his foster father. To make things even more twisted, as his foster mother cared for him, it became more than just a mother-son relationship, to the point where he actually seduced her. And for the icing on the cake, when he revealed to his father that he was in the affair, not only did he make sure his father was poisoned, but he also literally backstabbed his mother, getting rid of them both in one go. Afterwards, he explains to Rachael that he kept climbing up the political ladder to gain power… and after a thing about pride and death, along with Rachael remembering her father’s words, she finally agrees to the political marriage, and sees Vetti off as he once more prepares to go into battle.

Ghost Stories 6- Things actually get scary this time, as the demon they have to deal with is essentially an Onibaba (demon woman), who’s pretty much like Grim Reaper and really is killing people. She attacks people when they’re alone in the dark, and a few of the group manage to escape her, before the entire group gathers in one spot, and are pursued by the demon. After managing to literally avoid death, it’s noticed that the demon lost some of her substance after getting hot liquid spilled on her. This gives one of them an idea, and bathwater is heated up… and after managing to trick the demon into falling into the water, it seems they’ve won… until it’s revealed that the real way to get rid of the demon is to stop being afraid of it… and the demon once again resurrects herself from the water, but fades once the father gets home… and the demon is still around, as we see

Gunslinger Girl II 11- Pinocchio and the others have been living a rather quiet life on a farm in the past couple months… and as Pinocchio notes, it’s peaceful, but he feels his skills are getting dull. However, Franco and Flanca are thinking about leaving Pinocchio behind to keep living this kind of life, while they continue their terrorist work… and at the end, Flanca gets a call that pretty much says much of the support behind their group is now unstable, and it would be best if she broke her bonds with Franco. Also of note: we see into how Pinocchio was originally recruited by Christiano; he was found by another assassin Christiano had long ago hired, and that was when Christiano took him in.

Pumpkin Scissors 18- After the encounter with the HTT and his brutal death, along with the encounter of the Claymores, all the guys in Section 3 are rather depressed… so leave it to the Sergeant Major to try and cheer them up. Unfortunately, her plans keep backfiring, and at one point, even lead to a fight between Section 3 and another. After that, she later encounters Randal, and he ends up talking to her about the problems… and after that, somehow the rest of Section 3 is cheered back up. And then the kicker: Alice has decided to leave Section 3 in order to finally get married to her fiancé.

Kenichi 11- As Kenichi continues his fight against Takeda, he ends up learning the truth behind Takeda: that he had a really good friend who was also into boxing, but after they had to help each other out in a fight, Takeda was injured and unable to compete in a match, while his friend rose up… and eventually abandoned him. In fact, Takeda’s left arm in completely unusable… and this proves a problem when th fence on the roof gives out, and Kenichi just barely grabs Takeda’s right arm to keep him from plummeting to the ground… and then the thrower guy has to haul both of them up, and leave it to Miu to arrive at the wrong time and misinterpret things… anyways, all go to Akisame’s clinic for healing, and he manages to de-paralyze Takeda’s arm.

Kaze no Stigma 16- Ayano’s father is back to his tricks of trying to pair up her and Kazuma (and probably get a very strong heir in the end), and this time gets the group tickets to a hot spring… and everyone but Ayano is in on the scheme. The girls enjoy the hot springs (along with Ren)… and then we learn of the problem: Kazuma’s father is also at the hot speings, and as luck would have it, the two bump into each other… multiple times at that, and also get into fists fights that destroy the surrounding area (with detective Tachibana stepping in to take care of Kazuma’s father). Also at the hot spring is Catherine, and after she runs into Kazuma and sees him in all his glory, she later bumps into Ayano and brags about this (note- this is due to a word in Japanese having two meanings, and Catherine isn’t familiar with either…), which leads to the two having heated words… but Kazuma and his dad fighting once again disrupts this… and Kazuma seems to win for a moment, and Ayano thinks that the two talk through their fists… but really, it’s just a case of tough love, especially when his father gets back up and pouns Kazuma into the wall. All leave later on, and it would seem that Kazuma and his father are also being treated at the same hospital…

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Novermber 27th, Newsletter 189
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