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 December 17th, Newsletter 191 (and last one of 2009!)

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PostSubject: December 17th, Newsletter 191 (and last one of 2009!)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:10 am

... and the final Newsletter of 2009 I now present to you.

El Cazador de la Bruja
Glass Fleet
Tsukikage Ran
Kaze no Stigma
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Ghost Stories
Pumpkin Scissors

El Cazador 1- Naria is a bounty hunter, and her next bounty is a strange girl by the name of Ellis. Ellis has enough mystery surrounding her to the point that it Naria isn’t the only one after her, and Ellis appears to be responsible for the death of a brilliant physics professor (hence the bounty). However, Naria also visited Ellis’s grandmother, and after making a prediction, Naria vows she will also currently protect Ellis from all others, which means she ends up taking out said other hunters. Things get complicated with Ellis not wanting Naria’s protection at first, but after a trap is laid and Ellis’s grandmother killed, she changes her mind… and we find out about part of Ellis’s power: she possesses a pyrokinetic ability. However, Naria nds up being the one to take out their pursuers, and after that, Ellis goes along with her to start their journey.

Glass Fleet 14- With Michl captured, Vetti is more or less displaying her as a trophy, and saying that her army has joined his side. Meanwhile, Eimer stayed with Cleo after he was wounded by Vetti, and the two are trapped at a prison, where they are far from getting treated well. Eimer manages to hold off most of the other prisoners, but she’s no match for their boss. Cleo, meanwhile, is being turned into a lab specimen by the resident doctor, and only the guards intervening saves him… and he is thrown with the rest of the prisoners. However, this turns out to be a good thing, as after Cleo wakes back up, he’s able to help out Eimer and quickly establishes himself as being the true Top Dog. Meanwhile, Vetti has his prize of Michel, still thinking it’s Racine’s brother… and after he violates her/learns that he is a she, he is rather disgusted and tells her to get out of his sight.

Tsukiage Ran 9- After witnessing a “healing” demonstration by some martial artists, Meow ends up getting caught up in the cult herself. The cult seems to preach that only by giving up money to the cult will peoples’ sins be erased… and as we learn, it’s all naturally just a façade for the group to make money. Even as Meow pesters Ran to give money in order to be free of her corruption, Ran doesn’t give in. Not only that, but earlier Meow had heard that a man would meet with an unfortunate accident because he couldn’t pay, and when Ran and Meow find the man’s business on fire, they quickly find that it wasn’t divine punishment, but instead a set-up… which then leads them to finding out the real truth of the cult. Being exposed, the cult leaders try to take out the two, but to no avail… and with a win, the cult is disbanded, and Ran and Meow continue on their journey

Kaze no Stigma 18- Various people are gaining abilities due to a website called Pandemonium, and creating messes for the cops. As it turns out, these powers are granted by yoma which in turn slowly eat away at their hosts’ soul. However, they are still no match for the true magic-users… and when Kazuma is dealing with a pest of his own, he runs into an all-too-familiar face that is a ghost from the past.

Kenichi 19- The masters have their next course of action: to force martial arts into every aspect of Kenichi’s life. This basically means that they’ve decided that Kenichi will permanently live at the dojo… and to try to make things easier, the masters go out of their way to be nice to him. This causes Kenichi to only suspect them even more… and the plan eventually leaks out. Of course, Kenichi must also inform his family… and he is told to do what he must. Unfortunately, this means his training only gets more hellish, but he (just barely) survives it. Afterwards, Ma-sensei decides to take Kenichi on a perilous journey… to peep on the women at the hotsprings. The two face many traps, and apparently become close comrades. The surprise twist: they find only the Elder at the hot springs and get pulled in.

Ghost Stories 9- When one of the pet rabbits dies, one of the strange girls in class doesn’t seem to take it rather well, an one of the guys of the group sees her doing strange things in the woods. As it turns out, she’s using some sort of voodoo to bring the rabbit back. There’s just one problem: ever since she did the voodoo, people are being killed by something with razor teeth. Not only that, but the bunny is back… in fact, it’s the only survivor when the rest of the rabbit cage is destroyed, and it should also be dead. As it turns out, she resurrected the bunny but in the process made it become a huge, bloodthirsty were-rabbit, and unfortunately, the group is next on its meal list. They run away, and it’s revealed that the only way to get rid of it is for the girl to get rid of the charm of the rabbit. After managing to convince her to get rid of it (it seems that the bunny was her only friend), the were-rabbit is freed from its resurrected torment and once more goes to the afterlife.

Pumpkin Scissors 21- With Alice having stepped in and challenging the Marquis to a duel, she pulls out her weapon, and it seems she never leaves home without her sword. Of course, the Marquis isn’t entirely stupid: he’s brought along two bodyguards that are highly-trained mercenaries. The mob is still rather worked up, and wants to take out all the nobles, and Alice does her best to pledge that things will come as they are deserved. As she takes on on of the mercenaries, the other decides to fight Roland. Roland, though, doesn’t want to bring out his power and fight, and therefore runs away, though it doesn’t do much good, with his opponent’s weapon being a mace, and as he runs, he still takes damage. Not even pointing his pistol at the guy is working. Alice, meanwhile, is having her own hard time, as her attacks are being parried, and the dress doesn’t help. On top of that, she continues to keep the mob from going berserk, though she quickly learns that many of them are beyond giving a damn, but she’s still managing o talk her way through to them, as the duels rage on…

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December 17th, Newsletter 191 (and last one of 2009!)
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