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 heart attack!!

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PostSubject: heart attack!!   Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:03 pm

hey everybody,
just letting you all know i almost had a heart attack today because my sister in law actually let me drive my brother's car!
first off..
i had to cash my check, and today the bank closes at 12..
it was either
her drive me with all the kids,
or wake up my brother in law so he could watch the kids..
or... i go by myself..
she actually let me go..
i haven't driven in a while...
and i'm only used to driving small regular cars...
and my brother has a very big one.....
it's raining...
and i'm rusty...
but i didn't get in a crash, and i did pretty well i think..
tho i didn't have any passengers panicking ..
just my sister in law worried the entire time...

i'm shaking but ..
i'm sure it'll be awhile before i drive again...


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PostSubject: Re: heart attack!!   Mon Oct 29, 2007 8:23 pm

well, it's a lot easier and less stressful when
you don't have people getting all crazy on you.
maybe since you brought the car back in one
piece she might let you do it again?...
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heart attack!!
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