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 Januray 10th, Number 99

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PostSubject: Januray 10th, Number 99   Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:37 pm

Wow... there's been a lot of Newsletters

Note: Ha! I actually have this up before the next meeting!

Slayers NEXT
Ah! My Goddess S2
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ghost Talker's Daydream
Samurai 7
Ranma 1/2

Bleach (146)- With the Guardian Arrancar's sand pit sucking the gang into it, they end up falling into the Menos forest... although Rukia lands elsewhere from most of the group. There, they end up running into many Hollow, and also have to look for Rukia. She, on the other hand, has run into a strange shinigami, who first rescues her, but then for some reason or other, ends up attacking her.

Slayers NEXT (2)- One of my favorite characters makes his appearance: Xelloss! Anyways, we start off with Zel telling the gang that he's still after a way to turn himself back to normal, and of course Lina is after a powerful spellbook herself. Then end up meeting up with Xelloss, and I believe he tells them that they might be able to find the manuscripts in a bandit's hideout. Thus, Lina and co. end up heading to said hideout, where they easily get in... before they get attacked when they meet up with the head bandit. Lina and Xelloss follow him to his hideout, where the manuscripts are revealed; however, Zel's already there, and he takes said manuscripts. But there's something more to Xelloss as he snatches the papers from Zel in the blink of an eye, as well as being bale to block a very powerful attack with ease. However, Xelloss isn't after the papers after all, and just as he gives them back and vanishes, they burst into flames.

Ah! My Goddess Season 2 (3)- With Keiichi reflecting on the fact that Belldandy's done so much for him when he's done so little for her, Urd ends up prodding him to buy a ring for Belldandy. However, the price on the one he wants is quite a pretty penny (or yen, in this case). Thus, with Urd's help, he ends up going and doing all these part-time jobs, coming home late and earning quite a bit of money. But, as luck would have it, just when he gets the right amount, Sayoko ends up buying the ring first. In order to get the ring, Keiichi bows before her and both him and Urd dress as holiday figures for advertisement. Then Keiichi is forced to rescue a balloon, climbing up a tree. he gets said ablloon, but naturally the tree breaks. Belldandy manages to com to his rescue, but while he's saved, the balloon flies off. He believes himself to be a failure, but it turns out that Sayoko, seeing the love between the two, ended up giving the ring away anyways, and thus does keiichi put it upon Belldandy's finger. (Alright Keiichi, you may now kiss the bride... and while you're at it, go and really make her happy beneath the sheets)

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (16)- With the hostage situation in full force now and demands being made to free many prisoners, the girls discover the real purpose has to deal with the President of some really famous company. The terrorist is also quite smart, and stages his death, but actually kills his 'partners', as well as blowing up one of the wave terminals things. Also, the captain of the airline Maia is on undergoes a heart attack, and she's forced to safely land the plane herself. With a lot of guidance from others, she ends up safely crash landing the plane, and the terrorist guy is caught. However, we have slight problems in the fact that what originally caused Maia to go out all this way (i.e., a kid running away because of his not-so-successful-crush) ends up happening again, but this time he's got the Siberia Branch guy along side him (in others words, both rejected, to some extent, by the women they like. Truly, this series has many bitches).

Ghost talker's Daydream (1)- Enter Misaki and her companion Souichirou. Anyways, Misaki has the ability of seeing ghosts (as well as being some sort of channerler, i guess), and thus ends up investigating a murder that Souichirou drags her into, as well as helping out the girl who knows the murderer. The girl ends up tagging around with them, and finds out that Misaki's other job is being a dominatrix. Otherwise, duie to Misaki's stalker having photo evidence of the murderer, they trace him down, with Misaki going after him as Souichirou takes out goons (damn, he can fight!). We also learn the truth behind the murder, and the man is full of regret with what has happened, as he dies after being struck down by lightning. The good news: the little girl and her mother are able to reunite in the afterlife.

Samurai 7 (20)- With Ukio in charge now, a few changes are made, such as Rikoji's wife no longer needed, and the baby dead. However, Kambei's execution is still on, with his request of an honorable samurai's death refused. There are also a few interesting revelations: Kambei's apparently biggest crime was actually done by Ukio (killing an envoy, i guess?), and that not only does Ukio hate the Nobuseri, the former emperor did as well. But while the former decided to control them, Ukio decides to let the farmers kill them, using Kanna village as their example. Meanwhile, Katsu is becoming more like Kambei, as he explains how to sneak in, by disguising themselves as the Guardians. They get into the capital, and Kiku goes into a rage at seeing all the rice that merely is being stored. Katsu tells Kirara to keep wtach over Kiku as he heads off to find Kambei. Meanwhile, Kambei's head is on the block, and even with his life on the line, he still taunts the executioner, and the episode ends with the blade being raised.

Ranma 1/2 (5)- We get to see just what kind of person Nabiki is, as to make some money, she decides to use photos of female Ranma and Akane for selling to Kuno. Also, Kuno buys a doll to give to the female Ranma. Hoever, when the male side says that hopefully the female side will never be seen sgain, a mishpa transforms him. We also find out just how dense Kuno is, because although he basically witnesses the transformation, he attributes it to black magic when the male side reappears. Then, the two get into a fight, and we see that Kuno is a decently skilled samurai when he gets mad, although ranma still takes him out. Then ranma and Akane find the photos, and Nabiki says it's merely a way to make some money.

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Januray 10th, Number 99
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