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 Newsletter 105 of February 21

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PostSubject: Newsletter 105 of February 21   Thu May 01, 2008 2:29 pm

Jeff Dunham
Ranma 1/2
Martian Successor Nadesico
Slayers NEXT
Devil May Cry

Jeff Dunham- Missed due to class

Ranma ½ (12) - Missed some, but in the end, but simple summary is that Akane gets injured, and not by Kodachi either. This makes female Ranma replace her, and Ranma ends up facing off against Kodachi first thing in the tournament, wanting to make the male half her husband (even coming in with wedding attire). Ryoga, on the other hand, gets turned into a pig, and Kodachi chains Ranma and P-chan together as the fight begins
Nadesico (6)- The crew lands on Mars, though they do have to make their way through Jovian forces first. One they’re past those obstacles, they manage to land on Mars, where several of the crew want to inspect the planet; Akito, on the other hand, is allowed to go and visit where his old home was, and Megumi decides to tag along. The Prospector at this point shows the crew members who tagged along with him where the Nadesico was built and explains a little about it. Meanwhile, Akito ends up telling Megumi about his childhood with Yurika, including what prompted him to get the implants. Megumi ends up trying to tell Akito about her feelings; however, they fall underground and meet with survivors, one of whom actually designed parts of the Nadesico. Akito says that now the survivors can go to Earth; however, Inez (the one who designed stuff) says it’s futile for anyone to try to escape Mars at this point; and to prove her point, as Yurika comes with the Nadesico to get Akio and Megumi, Jovians appear once more. Attacks aren’t working on the Jovians due to distortion fields, and the only way for the Nadesico to survive would be to use their distortion field, but doing so would crush the underground survivors. However, as the situation turns more and more desperate, Yurika is left with no other options but to use the distortion field. They manage to escape, but Yurika is something of a wreck and Akito cannot comfort her; however, as Megumi talks to Yurika about refusing to lose their ‘battle’, Yurika refuses to give up herself (though for the wrong thing), and gets her spirits lifted.

Bleach (151)-As the group continues to infiltrate Las Noches, Ichigo finds himself being followed by Nel, and some squabbling happens between the two, before an enemy arrives. However, as he appears to be a complete fool, Ichigo and Nel ignore him, continuing their own argument. This proves to be a mistake, as it turns out that this guy is a Privaron Espada, and is just below the Espada themselves. This proves to be a problem, as Ichigo and the Espada fight, Ichigo can’t seem to land a hit. The Espada wants Ichigo to use his Bankai; Ichigo promptly refuses, saying that he can’t use his Bankai on someone who’s not a real Espada. This results in Ichigo continuing to be kicked around (literally), until he is finally knocked into another room. The Espada continues to press Ichigo to use his Bankai; Ichigo naturally refuses. Although Ichigo tries to at least attack, he isn’t getting much success; then the Espada finally reveals his hand as he releases his zanpakuto, and Ichigo is further beaten around, as Nel watches on, worrying about Ichigo.

Slayers NEXT (Cool- Lina and co. arrive in Seyruun, only to find things have a dark atmosphere; no one is out, the flags are at half-mast, and there’s a very heavy feeling all around. They soon learn why: according to Christopher, Amelia’s uncle, word of an assassination on her word came around, and to try to sooth the people, Phil went out to deal with the problem himself, but never returned. Amelia is devastated, and remembers the grand moments she had with her father. Lina tries to comfort her, but fails big time; then tries to make Amelia realize she is now in danger. Meanwhile, Zelgadis hears an intruder and attacks, but the intruder gets away. The next morning, the crew returns to where the crime happened, and find nothing. As Xelloss shows up, the crew starts to put things together in anticipation of facing the monsters again, and things turned out as planned, until none other than Phil himself shows up, and they ward the monsters away. Phil explains what really happened, and now they have to find a way to learn who really set things up.

Devil May Cry (3)- We start out with a woman walking, and she ends up hurting herself. A young man comes along, and ends up healing her. As the episode goes along, the two grow closer to each other; the woman’s father, though, is highly suspicious of the man and does everything he can to prevent his daughter from seeing the man. When everything fails, including locking her in her room, the father goes so far as to hire Dante, believing that the man is a demon due to his powers, and wants Dante to dispose of the man. Dante trails the man for some time, and we find the man really is a demon; albeit a rather weak one, serving a much more powerful demon. The man admits he’s in love with the girl but cannot do anything about stopping the resurrection of his master. He also asks Dante about his half-breed nature, and Dante isn’t too keen on this matter, but says that human and demon relationships are possible. Meanwhile, back at the girl’s house, the preparations for summoning the demon are complete, as Dante and the man rush back to the house, only to find the summoning has commenced, and took out the girl’s father in the process. Dante can’t have this demon invading the human realm, and with some with work with his sword, he stabs the demon back into the other world. The man uses his demonic powers to heal the girl’s father; he doesn’t expect gratitude but the father is forced to let their relationship continue. As the episode draws to a close, Dante remarks that the young demon is becoming more human, and Dante doesn’t hunt humans.

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Newsletter 105 of February 21
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