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 Newsletter 141 of October 23rd

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PostSubject: Newsletter 141 of October 23rd   Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:53 pm

Rhis one's a bit lengthy, but ain't that bad... giving a slight heads up

Devil May Cry
Baldr Force Exe
Slayers TRY
Tenchi Muyo
Kiddy Grade

DMC 11- When a woman comes to Dante asking for a pendant she has to be guarded by him, he naturally accepts it, due to money being involved. However, that pendant attracts demons, and after a few battles, the woman pleads to get it back, despite her companion insisting that it’s fine. Dante agrees as long as he gets paid. However, Patty recognizes that woman as her mother, and ends up chasing after her, bringing the pendant with her. It is then revealed that the woman’s companion is actually Sid, a low-level demon who has now opened a portal and gained great demonic abilities… and leaving Dante pinned to a cross.

Baldr Force Exe 4- With Ren now going insane, the power of Leviathan is unleashed. As iot consumes both the city and the wire, Toru and his companions flee. However, they go back to VSS, where Toru volunteers to take down Leviathan, despite the high possibility that he’ll kill his sister. Nonetheless, with defenses falling, he goes in, and after a few problems which soon get taken care of, he confronts Leviathan. However, he soon gets sucked into visions, and after battling his way through, he is forced to understand the past is the past, with his friend and sister dead. Thus, he ends up stabbing the core and Ren herself, destroying Leviathan. Ren says she’s no longer alone before bursting into data, and the city starts slowly repairing itself.

Slayers TRY 12- Lina and co. chase Jillas, trying to get the word of light back. However, Jillas always seems to elude them, until they get into a maze that leads to ValGaav’s hideout. There, Amelia and Zel manage to capture him and the sword. Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry, after going through, come face to face with Almace in some sort of container, where he says he wants to summon Darkstar to destroy it. And last but not least, Filia ends up learning that Xelloss have motives dealing with Valgaav and the monsters.

Tenchi Muyo 12- As Tenchi unwittingly manages to dodge the bullet (or in this case, laser sword), Zero finds she just can’t kill him. However, Washu confronts Zero, and after a couple attempts to her that end in failure, the group decides to head to Dr. Clay’s ship. Mishoshi is also around there, so Washu goes to Dr. Clay as tenchi and Ayaka go for Mihoshi. Washu ends up driving Dr. Clay crazy, and in the end, after quite a bit of talk, he sets part of the ship to self-destruct as he escapes. Washu is unable to stop that, but Tenchi’s Light Hawk Wings kick in as he saves Mihoshi and Ayaka, and Dr. Clay observes… and gets captured. Finally, it is revealed that Zero is actually the emotional side of Ryoko, and when they fuses back together, Ryoko ends up going schollgirl-with-crush mode when it comes to tenchi.

Shana 15- With the situation on the Palace escalating as Denizens come to attack it, Wilhelmina ends up defending the Palace as well as Shana. However, a very powerful Mystes seeking battle with Alaster also shows up, and Shana then makes the decision to bond with Alaster as a Flame Haze once and for all.

Kiddy Grade 13- With Éclair and Luminaire still on the run, GOTT dispatches two more ES members to eliminate them. Despite trying ti hide, a battle occurs, and Luminaire ends up severely wounded. Clips of their pasts on the nearby planet are shown, as Éclair must not only fight off their pursuers, but try and find a way to cure Luminair. Remembering that a medical lab where they were once trated is around somewhere, Éclair pleads to let her heal Luminaire… and one of their pursuers ends up being hurt as well. Though the doctor himself is no longer around, he did leave a lab where Luminiare is first healed, and then the pursuer, and the two sides part on an uneasy truce.


and btw, you guys are allowed to comment, whether flames or whatnot...just reminding you
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Newsletter 141 of October 23rd
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