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 Newsletter 158, March 19th

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PostSubject: Newsletter 158, March 19th   Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:10 am

Dave truly has a collection of crazy things... then again, we are talking about Dave here.

Lucky Star
Devil Hunter Yohko
Tenchi Muyo GxP
Fate/Stay Night

Lucky Star 1- Missed the first few minutes of this… but there is a very easy way to summarize this: it is about loli-looking girls (for those who need a better explanation, they’re the cute flat-chested girls but I believe they’re either juniors or seniors in high school) and their daily activities in high school… and toss in one of them being an otaku. Not too much to really describe here (stuff happened, but for once, I’m not going to bother to describe it… just know its daily life and school).

Devil Hunter Yohko 6 (Final Episode)- The episode starts out with Yohko getting a couple of crushes in school, but for all the crushes she gets, it seems they’re already dating some other girl. As we learn, this other girl is determined to take everything away from Yohko, even her life and right as Devil Hunter. In fact, this girl even has an Azusa-like clone helping her out. At one point, Yohko ends up against her (in virtually nothing but a bathtowel and thennewspapers). As it turns out, this other girl is being forcefully told to kill Yohko so she can become the Devil Hunter of this generation. In fact, this girl, Ayako, is the granddaughter of the twin sister of Yohko’s grandmother, who carries a 50-year-old grudge for losing to her sister and not becoming the Devil Hunter of her time. After Yohko’s current crush finally decides to take her somewhere, Ayako isn’t too far behind (with Azusa II), and after she knocks Yohko’s ‘date’ out, they battle in an all-or-nothing type of battle. However, they run into one problem- during their battle, and due to other previous battles, Ayako ends up unleashing a very powerful demon. Their attentions turned to it now, they try to prove they each is the better Hunter; this devil proves too powerful for either one of them to handle. That is, until Yohko realizes they’ll have to work together. Though Ayako initially refuses and decides to kill it on her own, after Yohko ends up saving her, they reluctantly work together, and their coordinated effort (along with Azusa II) pays off in that they’re able to finally take down the devil. Of course, leave it to their grandmothers to quarrel with each other about who landed the final blow and is therefore the rightful devil hunter; they get caught by the devil’s leftover hand randomly lying around and can’t break free… so Ayako and Yohko decide to let them fight on their own. Ayako has come to the conclusion that Yohko is the true Devil Hunter; this doesn’t mean she won’t keep trying to take it for herself. So she promises that though she’d going off to train for now, she’ll be back to face Yohko again. Thus ends this trainwreck (and Dave has managed to see something for “historical purposes”)

Claymore 13- With Raki now off fleeing elsewhere, it’s just Ophelia and Clare to battle against each other. Ophelia quickly proves that Clare is no match for her, especially when she had a technique that allows her to vibrate her sword extremely fast and move it like a snake. Clare is soon hit hard and fakes defeat in order to escape the battle; Ophelia isn’t fooled for long. After she finds Clare again and permanently destroys her arm, and then cuts off her hand, all seems lost for Clare… until a strnger shows up, and Ophelia finds that she is no match for this stranger, who is blocking her technique somehow invisibly, as well as managing to deal massive damage to her but with no visible weapon. Clare, on the other hand, recognizes her as one of the Claymores that was sent to eliminate Teresa; Elena of the Quicksword. After dealing with Ophelia, she takes care of Clare when she’s out for an entire week. Clare immediately tries to leave when she wakes up, but Elena stops her; not only that, but after some talk and Clare making a decision, Elena teaches her the secret behind the Quicksword power. Clare slowly picks it up but isn’t at Elena’s level; and as these two train, Ophelia goes psycho-bitch mode and turns into an Awakened Being…

GxP 18- With Seina being on temporary leave on Earth, he decides to pay the old gang a visit. Thus do we get to see the old cast form the original Tenchi series again (yay!). Seina spends time talking and helping all of the cast out, and Fuku gets to play around with her older sister as well (and now she’s into carrots as well…). Meanwhile, Seina’s girls end up working at a convenience store, and attract customers like bees to honey. Seina’s bad luck is with him early on, and we even get to see that despite Seina with his body enhancements going downhill on a bike is extremely fast, Tenchi seems to have no problem keeping up with him as he runs. Seina’s bad luck goes off here, and he meets the Jurain Tree that’s there. Finally, after spending all day with everyone (and even getting a little shaken by the story behind Ryoko’s arrival on Earth), every has a meal made by Tenchi; leaving it to Mihoshi to show up and splash everyone with water via her ship. Somehow, Tenchi still has the meal hot and fresh. Just as Seina is about to eat though, Kiriko and co. show up to drag Seina away on a mission, and as they go back to the ship, he complains about not being able to have the meal (as NBgets dragged away and complains about losing Seina’s sister…)

Fate/Stay Night 8- With Shirou having been found by Shinji, he has a talk with Shinji, who says he has no desire to fight as well, and proposes an alliance between the two to go after Rin, something Shirou ends up refusing, saying that Shinji was probably the master Rin was detecting this whole time. Shinji says this is impossible as he doesn’t know magic and therefore can’t be detected; as it turns out, there seems to be another powerful master at a local shrine, a witch of sorts who is collecting souls. No one has bothered to touch her due to a powerful barrier that weakens Servants immensely. With this knowledge, Shirou leaves… and when he gets home, he finds Rin there, and she and Saber are pissed that Shirou didn’t come home fast. Also, Rin has made dinner, and then reveals that she’ll be staying there for a while. This doesn’t set well, especially when the purple-haired girl (I forget her name) and the teacher come over, finding out that Shirou keeps attracting females to his place. However, after all that business is taken care of, Shirou finally reveals the fruits of his adventure and about the powerful Master. Saber immediately declares that they should go fight this person; both Shirou and Rin object. Saber keeps pressing, and Shirou’s answer remains the same. Finally, when Shirou has gone to sleep, Saber disobeys him and grabs her armor, then heads off to battle the Master. However, a samurai-like Servant is awaiting her there…

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Newsletter 158, March 19th
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