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 March 20, Newsletter 109

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PostSubject: March 20, Newsletter 109   Thu May 01, 2008 3:29 pm

No nicknames (from me) for a few newsletters...

Martian Successor Nadesico
Ah! My Goddess S2
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ranma 1/2
Samurai 7
Slayers NEXT

Nadesico (10) - The crew takes a well-deserved break on a beach, though Akito is subjected to horrible cooking by Megumi and Yurika first. When he gets down to the beach, he immediately runs, especially from food. Soon enough though, He meets a lovely lady, who treats him well, even with good food. Then he finds the catch: her romantic dream is to die with a loved one (translation psycho!). Meanwhile, a jealous Megumi and Yurika arrive on scene, demanding that Akito be given back the woman chooses to now unleash a Jovian weapon her family had stored away, and use it to make her dream come true. A pissed off Ryoko comes charging in and deals with the Jovian, and she inadvertantly makes her own feelings known. The crew gets out of there, though the Admiral person finds himself buried in the sand with the girl, still wanting to have her dream happen.

Ah! My Goddess S2 (12) - Trubadour, Urd's ex-boyfriend,a rrives on scene, trying to woo Urd back... or is he? He goes through various tries to get her back, all of which result in Urd blasting him. When Urd explains what happens, Belldandy says that Urd should've at least been supportive of Trubadour's dream; and soon enough, when Trubadour shows up again, he manages to move Urd to the point of tears, and that's when we see the real deal: he needed a heartfelt tear of a Goddess to open a scroll that would summon the Golden Nightingale. He does so, but it soon flies off; he continues his hunt as Belldandy tells Urd to be supportive of Trubaour.

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (23)- The plot is interrupted as the Nereid girls go through their daily routine, with all their criminal catching and whanot, including the thief brothers; we see it's all just for a commercial to promote to organization.

Ranma 1/2 (16)- The complications with Shampoo continue, and Akane shows signs of jealousy towards Shampoo. Shampoo challenges her to a death match; it turns out she erased Akane's memories of ranma (and no one else). While the boy should be grateful, he shows that perhaps he actually does care for Akane in that he wants her memories of him to return, and is quite desperate to find a method (despite nothing at the moment working).

Bleach (155) (somehow I lost an episode in here... must've forgotten to write it down or something)- Rukia continues her battle against the Kaien look-a-like, however, after a small slip by him, she notives that her opponent stays out of the sunlight. She therefore uses kidou to trap him and blasts a hole in the wall; this reveals that "Kaien" is really Espada number 9 (whose name i won't even attempt to spell). She says she needed proof her opponent wasn't her former Vice-Captain, and belives she can now win; this proves to be false as the Epsada reveals its true form to her.

Samurai 7 (22)- Problems arise among the samurai, from Rikopji having to deal with his wife's loyalty to the dead emperior, Ukio trying to kill off Kambei, and above all, Katsu ends up running from the group, and sets out on his mission.

Slayers NEXT (12)- It is revealed that Christopher was the real culprit of the assassination on Phil, and he hired the monsters to do it for him. The monsters now reveal they have their own plans as the one not bound to him kills Chritopher. Then they reveal their next step: to recruit Lina to the side of the monsters. Lina refuses, and causes a battle to break out between them all.

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March 20, Newsletter 109
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