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 March 27, Newletter 110

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PostSubject: March 27, Newletter 110   Thu May 01, 2008 6:09 pm

Martian Successor Nadesico
Slayers NEXT
Ah! My Goddess S2
Samurai 7
Ranma 1/2
Kiddy Grade

Nadesico (11) – Missed due to class

Slayers NEXT (13) – The gang continues their fight against the monsters, with now only Kanzel being left, as his companion was taken out by Lina. However, even with Lina using Dragon Slave, Kanzel manages to survive; as the battle gets more desperate, Lina is left with no choice but to use the Ragna Blade, though she doesn’t know if she can yet control it. But, with a lot of luck, she manages to pull one off, and Kanzel is unable to jump dimensions for safety this time, and thus another one bites the dust. Next problem: considering that the monsters had used their magic to lift a portion of the city into the sky, and now there are no monsters with magic… the city falls. But Lina’s old standby saves the day, as she uses a Dragon Slave to take out the portion. With things resolved, the crew continues their journey.

Ah! My Goddess S2 (13)- After she sees Belldandy riding a bike, Skuld wants to try it out too, due to her sister’s description of what it’s like. One problem: Skuld doesn’t know how to ride a bike. The next problem: she comes up with all sorts of mechanical solutions to allow her to ride a bike; none of them do any good either. Keiichi and Belldandy both try to help her out; she slowly learns but keeps falling over. Dejected, she heads to the riverbank park, where she sees all sorts of people riding bikes. She also ends up fixing a bike for a boy named Sentaro, and things go from there, as he teaches her how to ride, after showing that everyone falls when they first start, and he’s got even more bruises than she does. So, Skuld is finally able to enjoy the feeling Belldandy described, as well as get herself something of a boyfriend in the process.

Samurai 7 (23) – As the other samurai prepare for war, and reunite some sisters which even allows them to use the Guardian’s hideout as their preparation base, Katsu must come to things on his own terms. He sees a vision of Gorobei; this leads him back to Kanna village where he slays some bandits, then fights a whole bunch more on his own, showing he has gained power.

Ranma ½ (18 ) (Yet again, I somehow managed to miss an episode somewhere in here) – To put this episode simply, it recaps the entire first season under the pretense of having Ganma make Ranma remember all that’s happened before Ranma can make an ultimate decision to go to China.

Kiddy Grade (1) – With an opening fight scene showing how our two female protagonists are quite skilled, they soon find themselves on a mission to escort a man carrying cargo that has something to do with a peace project. The only problem with getting to their destination: they have a military fleet standing in their way. This proves to be no difficulty though, as they take out the ships and even trap the general and a high-ranking personal, thus allowing them to get to the planet of destination. Then they find out something more shocking: Eclaire and Luminaire have been carrying the President of some nation or other who’s on a peace mission this whole time, though Eclaire is still not entirely trusting of their client.

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March 27, Newletter 110
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